What are the criteria for choosing a detective office?How much is the cost you ask a detective for an affair survey?

What are the criteria for choosing a detective office?How much is the cost you ask a detective for an affair survey?

 What are the criteria for choosing a detective office?How much is the cost you ask a detective for an affair survey?

A profession called "detective" that frequently appears in anime and dramas.Anime and drama detectives are inferring to find the culprit in murder cases, etc., but what are the detectives actually doing?In fact, they often do flirt surveys, marriage credit, and conduct surveys.I'm a little worried about the detective's job that is hard to get involved.What kind of image do you all have in the detective office?If you have any problems or want to find out, do you ask a detective for a survey?HAL Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku -ku, Tokyo), which operates Hull Detective Agency, conducted a questionnaire survey on flirtation and received 1024 married men and women in their 20s and 50s ( *).I am listening to the image of a detective office.

Many detective offices have negative images, such as "the survey fee seems to be high".

When I heard the image of a detective office, the result was the most high in the "high survey fee".Next, 23 % of the people have the image of "suspicious, scary", and it turns out that many people like dramas and animation detectives, but many people think that real detective offices seem to be suspicious.In addition, 13 % of the people evaluated the "certainty of the survey".The standard for choosing a detective office was 29 % for the most "price", followed by 27 % for "survey power" and 27 % for "achievements".According to the contents of the requested survey, the "flirtation / affair survey" was the largest at 50 %, followed by 19 % for the "conduct survey" and 17 % for the identity survey.

Even if you are on your own, the minority consultation with a lawyer or detective office

So, if you find that your spouse is flirting, do you ask a professional such as a detective office to investigate?According to the questionnaire result, 58 % of "listening directly to the person", 23 % for "do nothing", and 60 % for "asking the person"."Consulting a lawyer" is 9 % and "consultation with a detective" is 6 %, and the minority seems to be a minority who consults a legal expert or a detective office.If you were convinced that your spouse was cheating, 57 % of the respondents answered that they would gather evidence.When asked to collect evidence of flirtation, when asked why, 46 % of "I want to know the facts and want to know the cheating partner", "for future discussions, divorce and alimony requests, and trials.Was 40 %, and "I don't want to spend money" is 10 %.I asked those who answered that they did not collect evidence of flirtation, that is, those who asked professionals such as others or detectives.There are 24 % of people who say "troublesome" to collect evidence on their own, but "I don't doubt" 17 %, and "I don't care (even if I'm flirting), I'm not interested".。Also, "I want to maintain the relationship, I don't want to rub it" 7.The result was 4 %.In the unlikely event that such a thing has fallen and you have to ask a professional for an affair survey, 78 % of the people asked how much the cost could be paid.Less than the yen. "Next, "100,000 yen to less than 200,000 yen" was 13%, and more than 200,000 yen accounted for more than 90%.After all, if you ask a professional like a lawyer or a detective office, it feels a bit unclear how much it costs.If that area becomes easier to understand, I feel that the hurdle of asking for in the event of an emergency will drop.However, it is best not to ask a detective office.* HAL Co., Ltd.

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