What I found out by visualizing the electricity bill of home appliances on my smartphone: What I found out by visualization

 If you use the Bluetooth watt checker "REX-BTWATTCH1" (8400 yen excluding standard price) of the Ratock system, you can easily make "visualization" such as power consumption and electricity bills simply by connecting to a smartphone with Bluetooth.Introduced in the article.This time, we will introduce the data of the one -day graph actually measured for each representative home appliance product.


Check the power consumption and electricity charges of the main home appliances

 If you measure the power consumption of various home appliances in this product, you can see from the following contents that you can see points to be focused on saving electricity bills.


 In order to make it easier to understand, three screens, "power consumption", "electricity price", and "CO2 emission", are displayed sideways.In each case, the upper row is a time mode, and the lower row is in the cumulative mode.


レノボ・ジャパン「ThinkPad X1 Carbon」(2016年モデル)





東芝 REGZA「42Z3500」


 In my house, TV is always on the morning for about 1-2 hours in the morning and for a few hours from evening to night.For this reason, every time, in the morning and evening, a large mountain is formed twice a day.In a case where no one at home goes to work during the day, many people may have the same shape.


 Regarding TV, power consumption changes greatly not only due to viewing time but also depending on the screen size.Also, in my house, the sound of the TV is output from an external speaker separately, so if the voice is produced from the built -in TV speaker, power consumption will increase further.It is interesting to take time to check the change in power consumption due to these differences in status.