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Unit that represents the performance of BEV by the amount of power that can be used

One of the important guidelines to see the performance of BEV (electric vehicle) is the battery (battery) capacity.The larger the power you have, the longer you can run a longer distance and emit more power.There are various units that indicate the capacity of the battery, but the EVs generally use KWH (kilometer, watts, kilometers, and time), which means "electricity".It is a unit indicating the amount of power.

【EVの素朴な疑問③】バッテリーの性能を表すkWhは、数値が高いと何が良いのか。Ahとの違いは? - Webモーターマガジン

KWH's "K (kilometer)", "W (watt)", and "H (hour)" have meaning."K (kilometer)" indicates that it is a unit of 1000.In other words, "1kWh = 1000Wh".And "W (Wat)" indicates the size of the power.The power (W) is required by multiplying the current (A: amper) and the voltage (V: bolt).

In other words, "w = a x v".It shows the size of the electricity that can occur at that moment.And the last "H (hour)" means one hour.In summary, "K (kilometer)", which means 1000, "W (watts)", which indicates the size of the power, and "H (hour)" for one hour.

The meaning is that "1000W power can be output for one hour".When this is converted to familiar home appliances, "1kWh" is "the amount of electricity that can keep the 500W microwave oven for two hours".

In addition, the amount of power used in ordinary households is 8 to 18 kWh.In one month, it will be about 250-300kWh.The battery capacity equipped with Nissan Reef is up to 62kWh, so it can cover about three and a half to one week for ordinary households.In addition, if the reef is fully charged 4 to 5 times, it will be the same as the amount of electricity used for one month for ordinary households.It is a good idea to remember as a guide for electricity charges.

By the way, the 12V lead battery for in -vehicle is mainly used by AH (ampare hour).This is because it is based on the premise that all the electrical products equipped on the car are 12V.On the other hand, the voltage varies depending on the model because the EV battery is the purpose of driving the moter installed.So use the unit of "WH".(Sentence: Kenichi Suzuki)

What is KWH used to display the battery?3


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