I don't do housework that I'm not good at. Tips for a comfortable life involving your family

If you and your family are comfortable, it's OK to save time! "We never overdo it and live our lives with a system that is just right for us." That's what ESSE thinks of as "appropriate housework." The ESSE Lifestyle Grand Prix was held again this year to support people who are busy with their daily chores and lead a rich life without overdoing it. We will introduce Mr. haru, who won the grand prize, how to save time and create a comfortable system. Finding a pair of socks is solved with this!

I give up doing housework that I don't want to do and make time for myself

I don't try to do housework by myself, and sometimes I rely on my family. As a result, Mr. haru says that he and his family have more smiles and life has become easier. In particular, if you give up on housework that you are not good at, instead of trying to do it forcibly, and think about how to save time and effort, you will have more time for yourself and be more efficient. I will show you how to overcome the housework you don't want to do.

I don't do housework I'm not good at. My family Tips for getting involved and living comfortably

●It is troublesome to wash a lot!

Café-style one-plate rice makes washing up easy!

One plate of rice every day. "I put rice on the plate when the side dish doesn't have a lot of juice. I feel that if you use an iron skillet for the main dish, which is just grilled meat or fish, it will taste even better." Ingenuity > One of the side dishes can be cooked without using fire. It also saves you the trouble of washing the pot.”

●Some days you want to take a break from cooking!

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[Retort curry rule on days when husband is away] It's hard to make rice without rest every day. So, on days when my husband doesn't eat dinner at home, I use retort curry and take a break from cooking. “Occasionally retort curry is fresh and happy for children.

● Making barley tea every day is stressful


[No problem with water or powdered tea] It was difficult to make barley tea for my child and husband every day, so I changed it to water for my child and to tea for my husband who wants to drink tea. "I'm not dissatisfied with this, so I'm fine with it. Occasionally, I make barley tea only on days when I have time to spare."