Launch of the "Digital Garden City Nation Concept" Supporting telework, drone home delivery, automatic delivery, etc.

At the 2nd Conference for the Realization of New Capitalism held by the government on November 8, telework, drone home delivery, automated Shipping was mentioned. Related bills will also be submitted for the early realization of automated delivery services using automated driving robots. In addition, the Cabinet Secretariat website has added the "Digital Garden City National Concept Realization Conference", and the materials distributed for the first conference held on November 11 have been released. Anyone can view it as a PDF file. Of these, I would like to introduce one cut from the "Materials Submitted by Minister Makishima", "Image of Initiatives for the Digital Garden City National Concept (Approach from Digital)".

"Sustainability: sustainable environment/society/economy" and "Well-being: enriched life" There are six items: disaster resilience, smart healthcare, and smart home. The foundations that support this new digital society are "shining lifestyles," "exchange of knowledge," and "sustainable regional industries."

The vision of the future is full of hope, based on the premise of further technological development and the digitalization of society as a whole. Some people may fear that.

When I picked up points that I was particularly interested in from the "image of initiatives", I found the sentence "Motivated regional universities and technical colleges (technical colleges) at the core" of "lifestyle / knowledge / industry transformation" The description of the ring is "API linkage / Integrated ID linkage". Technical colleges are regular schools for programming contests and e-sports competitions, and are also places to nurture the "digital human resources" that society will need in the future. Even more than before, it seems to be a model example of education with regional characteristics.

API linkage/integrated ID linkage seems to be imagining "minor portal linkage" in various life scenes, not limited to administrative procedures. Attention will be paid to the diffusion rate of My Number cards, which is indispensable for Mynaportal cooperation, and the policies that the conference and related conferences will come up with in the future. (BCN, Fumi Sagano)