"Keeper Coating for docomo Select" Notice of launch, KEEPER coating will be performed on smartphones at a docomo shop nationwide

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「KeePerコーティング for docomo select」発売開始のお知らせ全国の ドコモショップで、スマートフォンにKeePerコーティングを行います 企業リリース

Release issuance company: Keeper Giken Co., Ltd.

This time, KEEPER Giken Co., Ltd. (Obu City, Aichi Prefecture: President and COO Koo Kagai, hereinafter KEEPER Giken, hereinafter KEEPER Giken) is a new added value service at a docomo shop nationwide, "Keeper Coating for docomo Select. We will start the release sequentially. This product is jointly developed with MX Mobiling Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Co., Ltd. Since April 2019, MX Mobiling Co., Ltd. has been developing a service to construct "KEEPER coating" into a smartphone in advance at the docomo Shop as "M coating", and a total of about 400,000 smartphones (in total. KEEPER coating has been installed in tablets). Customers have received many voices such as "It is difficult to get dirt such as fingerprints, and if you wipe it, the dirt will easily fall off." In addition, my car is coating my car, and "I'm happy to be able to coat a smartphone on my smartphone because I know the goodness of Keeper." I want to try a car because it was good. " [Product Overview] Product Features: Durable products and protect smartphones from life scratches. Manufacturer: KEEPER Giken Co., Ltd. Construction price: ¥ 4,000 (excluding tax) ■ About "Keeper Giken" KEEPER Giken is developing, manufacturing, and sales of car coating, chemicals and equipment for car wash, and gas station "KEEPER PRO" We have two types of stores nationwide, "SHOP" and "Keeper Labo", a specialty store equipped with indoor construction equipment. ■ About "Keeper" About the essential shine of the car painting itself, "his transparent film that protects the car" is the keeper. The keeper body glass coating "Crystal Keeper", "Diamond Keeper", and "W Diamond Keeper" are different from conventional policirazan -based glass coating, and unless the paint deteriorates, it is surprising that it is not necessary to polish even if it is an aged car. You can get a gloss. A transparent w, a transparent W that is much thicker and more flexible than the general coating, is resistant to rain and wind and snow, and car wash with a car wash. ■ Company profile company name KEEPER KEPER Corporation Date of February 1993 Capital 1,3477.5 million yen (as of the end of June 2020) President and CEO Sosuke Kagari Address 474-46 Yoshikawa-cho, Obu-shi, Aichi, Aichi Prefecture. 17th Official HP HTTP: // www.Keepercoating.JP/CORP/■ Business content/car coating, development, manufacturing, sales of chemicals and equipment, car coating technical certified car coating, car coating technical store "Keeper Professional Shop", car coating and car wash specialty store "Keeper Lab"Corporate press release to details to PRTIMES


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