[Amazon first sale] HiKOKI's cordless cleaner is 54% off for 9,999 yen Lightweight, compact and easy to clean model (1/2 page)

The first big sale of 2022 "Amazon's first sale" is being held. The HiKOKI (former Hitachi Koki) cordless cleaner, which is a hot item, is now available at a special time sale for 9999 yen, which is 54% off.


A cordless cleaner with a sliding 10.8V battery that ranks third in the Amazon best-selling stick cleaner category. The R12DA (ESW) on sale comes with a 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery and a fast charger.

The panel switch, which can be operated while holding the handle, can switch the suction power in three stages: weak, standard, and strong. Weighing only 1.1 kg, this small vacuum cleaner is easy to clean every day.

When cleaning the filter, you can clean the filter without getting your hands dirty with the dust removal blade that scrapes off the dust that adheres to the surface of the pre-filter. In addition, the collected garbage does not need a paper pack and is made to accumulate in the dust case, so it is easy to dispose of the garbage.

【Amazon 初売り】HiKOKIのコードレスクリーナーが54%オフで9999円 軽量・小型でお手入れ簡単モデル(1/2 ページ)

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