The invention that a 4-year-old child made by himself is amazing! "Too genius" "Edison of Reiwa"

A robot vacuum cleaner that automatically moves and cleans the room.

Having one in your home will make your daily cleaning a lot easier.

Was there such a usage...

Yuzukko (yz.910) posts her son's growth record on TikTok and Instagram.

As of 2021, my 4-year-old son is producing a number of inventions with his genius imagination.

Here is the work that was posted on TikTok and became a hot topic!

@yz.910♬ オリジナル楽曲 - ゆづっこ

Surprisingly, I made my own cleaning robot by connecting "Plarail" toys!

You might think it's just a shape, but it's cleverly picking up scattered paper scraps, and it's also playing the role of a vacuum cleaner...!


The Invention of the Century received over 250,000 likes and over 2,000 comments.

·genius! It's Reiwa's Edison!

・It's interesting to make your own garbage!

I wonder if such a child will become an inventor.

In addition to the cleaning robot, your son has created various inventions.


I'm making something every day lol

♬ やってみよう - WANIMA

There are inventions not only for myself, but also for my mother, and I can feel the kindness of my son.

I'm really looking forward to what kind of work will be born next!

With his flexible ideas, his son continues to invent something almost every day, surprising Yuzukko and his followers.


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