[How cool is the 10,000 yen range?] 1st: The performance of the "robot vacuum cleaner with water wiping function (19800 yen)" like Rumba is ...

I want a "robot vacuum cleaner" like Rumba ~.And I want a guy with a "water wiping function" instead of just a vacuum cleaner.But "real" is expensive, so I'll hesitate to buy it ... so!

I decided to search for the sole -like one in the 10,000 yen range!

The reason why it is in the 10,000 yen range is that in my experience, there are many things that are less than 10,000 yen.However, if it is more than 20,000 yen, it will be "serious" ...I think that the middle and serious intermediate are in the 10,000 yen range.

So I chose the robot vacuum cleaner with a water wiping function sold to Amazon, "HONITURE Q5 robot vacuum cleaner Wi-Fi connection app compatible (hereinafter omitted)".By the way, I can't trust much, but the Amazon rating is star 4.5 (215).

I purchased it at the list price of 19800 yen, but now (February 17, 2022) has been reduced to 14130 yen, so be careful when buying.Even the list price is 18980 yen, so the price is good.

Aside from that, the box contains the body, water wiping unit, brush, remote control, charging stand, manual, border tape (magnetic strip), etc.

If you connect to Wi-Fi at home with a dedicated app, the setup will be completed.……But!This app is pretty stupid, for example, setting language settings in Japanese ... I wonder if I can do it, and if I restart it, it is quite unstable.

However, the "poor app" in that area is "Mome Tai" (no problem) if you get used to it.If you've used these Chinese home appliances several times, you'll be able to use it while struggling a little.

Conversely, if you are not accustomed to the unstable and suspicious app of this system, it may be difficult to connect to Wi-Fi ...?It may be better to think of it as a "advanced product" to some extent.The difficulty level is "middle".Just in China.

However, if you get over the wall ...

It works really healthy.

I'm about to fall and it doesn't fall ...

It will enter the fine gap,

You can also set a schedule,

Automatic mapping where you moved!

Cleaning twice a day in a whole day ...

I got so much garbage!

If you attach a water blowing unit ...


Wipe water is perfect!

That's not perfect, but

I'm very happy if I can just wipe it.

Above all ...

It's kind of cute.

Every time you follow the day, the more you use it ...

Something like a pet!

It was around the third day of use that such feelings exploded.While working at the company somehow, I remembered the robot vacuum cleaner, and I was remotely cleaning it, saying, "Let's try to clean it."

It moves a little and goes back and forth in a narrow range ...

In addition, "error" has appeared.

What happened?After all it is in the 10,000 yen range, so is it already broken?Anyway, when I go home and open the door at the entrance ...

\ Ga!/ /

(It has fallen ~!)

──, you'll rush to me who opened the door! yes!This child dropped from the step of the entrance (probably the right collision sensor caused an error), and then went back and forth in a narrow earth (← Moe ~).

I came home and opened the door, so I rushed to "Wow!"It's like a dog waiting for your husband to return home ...!Or, or too cute ... !!!!

・ The “Robot cleaning with water wiping function” in the 10,000 yen range is very satisfying for both practical and attachment.If you give the disadvantages,

・ The sound is quite suspicious.

Does it feel like?

Of course, if you are so cool in the 10,000 yen class, what is the higher class performance ...!?If you look at the top, I think that it is a very bargain if this performance is less than 20,000 yen.If anyone is wondering if you are buying, my answer is "buying".Cute~!

Writing: GO Hatori PHOTO: RocketNews24