Venom vs Eddie, crisis of dissolution with the launch of a large genka erection like a lover!? "Venom" main video

Movie "Venom: Let Zea Bee Carnage" scene photo

From the actor Tom Hardy's movie "Venom: Let Zea Bee Carnage" released on December 3, the main video of Venom and Eddie (Tom) are a comic fight like a lover. The ban was lifted. [Video] Venom vs Eddie, a big genka like a lover! Venom was born in parasitic extraterrestrial Symbi -Auto, a journalist full of justice. Venom is known as the most cruel evil in the history of Marvel, but in this work, a Villan carnage, which boasts a strong level of fighting and challenging the battle between Spider -Man and Venom, appears in the Marvel Comic. Carnage, who awakened by incorporating the madness of the serial murderer Cretason (Woody Harrelson), confused the world, and the mad attacks Venom. The ban was lifted this time, a main video of Venom and Eddie, who are stressed by symbiotic relationships, are dissatisfied with each other, and a fierce fight like a lover. Venom, who had parasitized Eddie's body under the conditions of "do not eat anything other than the bad guys," Eddie, who has reached the limit of Venom's behavior, who cannot control his desires, says, "Food the bad guys all day in your ears. , Don't break my life! " Venom responds calmly, saying, "Fortunately, you were chosen by me." Then Eddie throws a relentless word, saying, "I chose me? I was the only one to fit. I can't keep anything cruel. I can't keep anything. I can't clean the toilet!" go. Venom, who was silently listening to Eddie, who heats up, finally started counterattacking. He visited a strong head butt, and thought that he was kindness, saying, "I'm sorry! Eddie screams and distorts his face with too much pain. The fighting scene of this work was in Stant Coordinator Jim Churchiman and Fight Coordinator George Kirby. Kirby, who wanted to add pain in the comicalness, said, "We always referred to Buster Keaton. It's a traditional black -and -white stunt," said Venom and Eddie. It reveals that Keaton was referred to. "Eddie thinks how to revenge Venom. What is the most important thing that Venom is, is Venom's two chickens, Sony and share. If you could hurt Venom, it's his precious pet. " One of the features of Buster Keaton's work is an action that unfolds with "great expressionless" that does not show emotions and sorrows. In this video, Venom describes the battle with Eddie without breaking his expression, and it is a scene where the thoughts of the production staff are conveyed. Will the two Genka really have a more radical development, as Kirby suggests? I want to check the ending on the screen. The movie "Venom: Let Zea Bee Carnage" will be released nationwide from December 3rd.

 ヴェノムVSエディ、恋人同士のような大ゲンカ勃発で解散の危機!? 『ヴェノム』本編映像