"Knouting Knit Hat" with a value of over 40,000 yen at the auction, the birth of the birth of more than 40,000 yen, the birth of the birth of the birth

How was the "shadow -clonor knit hat" developed by Tomoyuki Takenaka, the director of the Jomon Gakusha Komonokan, as an original product (photographed by the author).

On December 1, last year, the "Knit Hat" exhibited at Yahoo auction soared.When it started with 6600 yen, it was 20,000 yen on the second day, and on the third day it exceeded 40,000 yen, and continued to rise further.

The knit hat was neither a brand nor a premiere like a celebrity's personal property.It is a "shadow -clay gear knit hat" developed as an original product by the Komakino archeological site protection center (Jomon Gakusha, Komonokan).

what is that?I think some readers are wondering, so let's briefly explain.

A clay figurine with glasses, excavated at the Kamegaoka archeological site in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture in 1887 (Meiji 20).The glasses are named "Shake -shield clay figurines" because the northern ethnic groups resemble the "light -shield" worn to avoid the light of light in the snow.

The head of the clay figurine is a complex decoration called "crown projection".The shadow -shield clay figurine knit hat is a hand -knit reproduction of its "crown projection". As soon as the Jomon study house, Komakinoikan, started selling the first one on January 25, 2020, it buzzed on SNS.The interview is flooded.When we accepted the applicants by e -mail, there were more than 100 applications in 5 days, so it was discontinued once.

This knit hat can be prepared only about 50 because women living in Aomori are knitted alone.In addition to her unique design, this rarity may have attracted Jomon fans.When 50 was resold in November 2020, about 1,000 purchase emails arrived.

At the end of last year, when I exhibited it on Yahoo auction for the third time, it was more than 40,000 yen, and many inquiries were received by phone and e -mail saying, "I can't afford this price, what can I do?"On December 4th, the exhibition was discontinued.At that time, the value was 45,500 yen.

The subsequent details will be described later.I was worried about the product development power of Komokanokan.The Komokinokan's museum shop is a treasure trove of original goods.Unique products such as wooden glasses that reproduce the "light -shield" part of the clay figurine, such as "Shakoken", which combines kokeshi and kendama, a shading clay figurine.

Komakino archeological site located a little away from Komakinoikan (photographed by the author)

Tomoyuki Takenaka, the director of the Jomon Gakusha Komonokan, produces all of these with the staff.Now, his career, which has attracted attention as a hit maker in the Jomon area, was surprising.He served as a band vocal as a professional musician, and had a CD from the same office as Seikima II.

Why did the former professional musician get the director of Komakinoikan and have produced hit products?Approaching the secret.

In 2003, it was not possible to be a professional musician, and the band was dissolved.Takenaka, who was worried about what to do, thought, "I want to do a job related to music."After that, he became responsible for the music museum in Shibuya.It was 38 years old.

Tomoyuki Takenaka, the director of the Jomon Gakusha Komonokan (photographed by the author)

He was a completely amateur about the operation of the museum, but he gradually demonstrated his talent as an ideasman, such as planning a collaboration with John Lennon Museum and artists in the Saitama Super Arena at the time.He had a response, "The operation of the museum is interesting!"

However, his parents' physical condition worsened, and in 2010 he decided to return to his hometown of Aomori.Takenaka, who had no work, started an ethnic miscellaneous goods shop with the aim of transmitting the world's culture locally, saying, "Let's make a job on my own."In addition to the fact that I liked Asia, Africa and Latin America miscellaneous goods, it was a big point that when I was thinking about my parents, I was free to be free.

Then, I traveled alone in India, Nepal, Thailand, Mexico, etc., purchasing my favorite miscellaneous goods and selling at my own shop.At this time, he was nurtured as a merchant.

"While looking at the products locally, you can think about how much you sell it if you sell it. It's a type that I am very worried that this product can be improved more."

At the shop, the African drum "Jenbe" was also purchased and sold.That led him to form a jenbe team with local friends while running a shop and enjoyed playing private.Eventually, an offer came to say, "I want you to play at the archeological site."

Why in archeological sites?You may be wondering.Aomori has about 4,700 archeological sites (buried cultural property wrapping land), including the Kamegaoka archeological site where the clay figurine was excavated, and the Jomon archeological site, including Japan's largest Sannai Maruyama archeological site, and there are many events related to archeological sites.is.Genbe is a simple and primitive instrument made of skin and wood, so it would have been compatible with archeological sites.

In the third year when the people involved in the archeological sites were connected, in addition to the exhibition and storage of Komakino archeological sites where there is a ring -shaped stone (stone circle), the Jomon school in Jomon school as a base for information dissemination of Jomon archeological sites in general.The story of renewing Komakinoikan came up.

Jomon study, Komonokan, a Jomon study house (photographed by the author)

At that time, Takenaka, who was once in charge of the museum in Tokyo, asked me to participate in the expert meeting, so I talked about the operation of the museum.Two years later, before the reopening, Aomori City introduced the designated administrator system.

The designated administrator system is a system in which the government has left a wide range of organizations, including private businesses, because the idea of utilizing private know -how in management and operation of public facilities.

At this time, Takenaka was worried whether he would continue to live in Aomori or return to Tokyo.He returned home five years after returning home, and he had no reason to remain in Aomori, but he was detained by Genbichim members, friends and acquaintances.

Looking at the recruitment guidelines of the designated manager of "Jomon Gakusha / Komonokan", it was not necessary to be an archeological or Jomon culture expert.Seeing it, my heart moved.I have never learned archeology, nor I originally liked Jomon culture.However, while buying miscellaneous goods, he began to look at archeological sites in various places and walked, and since he began to play Jomon archeological sites, he became interested in Jomon culture.Above all, it is a unique opportunity to make use of the experience of working in the Shibuya museum.

"Even if it is called Jomon culture, there should be more people who are not particularly interested in themselves in the past. I want to lower that hurdle and make it closer."

Takenaka, who thought so, formed a “Omakino archeological preservation and utilization council” to call out to friends who have been involved in archeological development.He ran for a designated manager and was elected from the top of the three who raised his hand.In May 2015, "Jomon Gakusha Komonokan" opened, and Takenaka became the director.

Only the Jomon Lecture and Komonokan, which uses the designated manager system in Aomori Prefecture's archeological sites.It was said that he was the only one for the first time and was the only one.One of them is that you are required to have a "non -purpose usage fee" to set up a museum shop that sells various goods.In order to occupy a part of the city's owned facilities and sell them, the area of the shelves to put goods must be strictly calculated, and the rent must be included in Aomori City.

Since the Jomon study house, Komonokan, is free to enter, the Komakino archeological preservation and utilization council receives a designated management fee from Aomori City, but the rent of the museum shop will be taken out.From a different perspective, if the goods of the museum shops surpass the rent, the sales will increase the income of the council.In addition, selling goods also leads to "making Jomon culture familiar".

"I have to make goods that sell!"

In the first year, Takenaka, who is fully enthusiastic, shared an idea with the staff to "change the image of a solid and sober Jomon", and devised a masking tape designed to be designed in the pop of the Komakino archeological site.It has been converted.

The first commercialized masking tape (photographed by the author)

I became confident that it was "well -sold", and in 2018 released a tie -dai T -shirt with the logo mark of the Komakino archeological site.And the following year, the shadow -shield clay figurine glasses were launched.This is also based on Takenaka's inspiration.

Takenaka liked Nirvana, a world -famous American band from the 1980s to the 1990s.He was a guitar and vocal at the same time, especially for the charismatic vocal Cart Cover.

Then, when I went to Tokyo after becoming the director of Komokinokan, I saw sunglasses that Cart Cobang often used in Harajuku.At the moment he saw it, he felt like a light -shield, "Similar to a shadow clay figure!"When I imagined that I put a slit in the glass part in the glass part, I thought it was only a shadow -shield clay figurine.

"If you make sunglasses with slits and sell it as a shadow clay gear sunglasses, you can appeal to Jomon coolly! Cool Japan!"

Takenaka, who was excited about his ideas, contacted people to commercialize.It was clear that Takenaka's celluloid and plastic sunglasses were mass -produced in China, so it was impossible to make a small number of time -consuming requests.

When I gave up, I met a company that said, "I could make a tree."Takenaka imagined it was just a cart coburn sunglasses, so at first the tension dropped, "Is it wooden ...?"So I decided to have a sample.

It was a shadow -shield clay -like workmanship, so I tried to sell it for 1980 yen after repeated prototypes with the company.In addition to being sold out more faster than expected, the Niigata Prefectural Museum of History was told that we would like to sell it at our museum shop because we will do a clay -related exhibition.So when about 10 wholesales, it became popular in Niigata, and was introduced on the Facebook page of the Niigata Prefectural Museum of History.

オークションで4万円超の値がついた「遮光器土偶ニット帽」誕生秘話 4万円超の値がついた「土偶ニット帽」誕生秘話

At the time of trying to increase production, "This is you can!"However, regarding processing blueprints, he said, "If there are other companies that undertake, you can give it."

Takenaka sorted with the staff and searched for a contractor again and found a company in Tokyo.However, the processing fare is high, and if you leave it there, you have to double the price.Takenaka, who twisted his head about what to do, suggested:

"I will do the assembly myself"

This succeeded in reducing the processing wage and selling for 2400 yen.By assembling by ourselves, there was an unexpected merit.You can see parts that require improvement, such as places where screws are easy to loosen.

The second company has also gone bankrupt with Corona, and now he has been asking another company, but the style of assembling the entire staff has not changed.To date, about 500 shading clay figurines have been sold, making it the most selling product at Komonokan.

Number one hit product shadower clay figurine glasses (photographed by the author)

"The fact that we learned the fun of manufacturing through the shadow -shield clay -gear glasses, and assembled them ourselves is a half Made in Aomori.

Takenaka's awareness of "This is!" Was created another hit product.

One day.When he went to a local 100 yen shop, he saw a white kendama and was surprised.

"Similar to a shadow clay figure!"

I immediately came up with an idea.

"What if the children's workshop draws a clay figurine picture on a white ken ball?"

Immediately, when I talked to the staff of the Komokanokan, I was excited, "It's good! Let's do it!"At a later date, we gathered children and held a workshop, which was a great success.Takenaka and the staff, who looked at the situation, looked at Kendama.

It is not well known, but the ancestor of Kendama is said to be a French toy "Bilboquet".Birboke, which is also drawn in the 16th -century painting, is a toy that simply puts a ball with a hole in a stick without a saucer on both sides of Kendama.Takenaka devised the ball part of the ball, the head of the shadow -shield, the stuck in the rod, and the tip of the rod in the head of the Jomon people.It is a design in which the Jomon people appear when the head of the clay figurine (ball) comes off.

Then I contacted Cookies, a writer who is making original creation kokeshi in Hirosaki City, and consulted, "Can you make this kind of kendama?"He prototyped thin and thick ones.Looking at it, Takenaka was pinning.

"If you make a thicker one, you can sell it in a pair if you use a man's Jomon, a thin one is a female Jomon!"

In August 2020, "Shakoken" was born in a collaboration product of Komakinoikan and Cookies, a shadow -shield clay doggot ball, and a name.This became a hot topic among Kendama enthusiasts, and 4180 yen per body sold quickly.There are many people who buy them in gender pairs, and this has been sold 120.

Shakoken that sells in gender sets (photo: Komakino archeological site preservation and utilization association)

Both the shadow -shield clay gear sunglasses and Shakoken are the ideas of Takenaka, but it is always positive for commercialization for Takenaka, and the staff of the Komokankan, which is good.He says that the existence of a colleague who can think together about what to do to achieve it is very large, rather than arranging reasons for not being possible.

"If I say, for example, if I say," I saw something like a clay figure, Kendama, "it would be interesting.There is such a good atmosphere, so there is an atmosphere where you can say free opinions. "

The biggest hit product created by this Komakinoikan team is the shading clay figurine knit hat described at the beginning.This is because Takenaka and the staff chased Komakino archeological site and the World Heritage Site registration, "I wish I had such a knit hat.") The development began because "let's knit once."

It seems that the knit hat that was knitted first was not as high as now.Looking at the sample, when Takenaka was going to buy ethnic miscellaneous goods, he looked at local products and remembered that they would sell a little more.

Then, he talked many times with Mr. A and the staff to make something that looks like a "crown projection" of the shadow -shield clay figurine without a compromise.After four prototypes, a knit hat that everyone was convinced was completed.Takenaka, who was convinced that this would be a hot topic, sold only five at the museum shop, and the rest was made by e -mail that could specify the color.

The response was far beyond imagination.As mentioned at the beginning, on January 25, 2020, 50 pieces were released for 4400 yen per 4400 yen, but it became a hot topic on SNS, and about 100 emails arrived and sold once in just 5 days.I decided to cancel.

Lingering clay figurines with color variations (Photo: Komakino archeological preservation and utilization association)

In the second installment (about 50 pieces) released in November 2020, more than 1,000 applied.At this time, it was featured in the media at the time of the release, and the site on the day of the release was confused.Since emails were flooded in seconds, the order of e -mails received to each of the three personal computers I usually use was different.At this time, we decided on a first -come, first -served basis in the order of emails arriving on the server to make fairness.

There is something explosively a topic that triggers, but most end with one launch fireworks.Despite the 10 months of the first sale, it was a great surprise for Takenaka, staff, and women who knit a knit hat, with more than 10 times the first or 1,000 purchasers.

Among the various opinions from the surroundings, the most common is, "If it is so popular, what if I increase the number of sales?"Some people said, "This is a big business opportunity."Of course, I know that Takenaka increases the income of the council if the number of production increases.However, he decided not to increase the number.That's because Mr. A heard the word "I will do it."

"If you sell a lot, you can make that much, but the best purpose we make goods is that, and when you are an ethnic general store, we emphasize the pleasant transaction with local people.I did it. I wanted to value the creator's feelings that I had been dating from the stage I did not know if it would be a product, so I do not ask Mr. A to make many.I tell you that you can make it as much as possible at your own pace. "

Based on this policy, 60 were prepared in the third installment last December.However, there have been some advice from the surroundings because there have been some people who have always pointed out that the price of knit hats is too cheap and the supply and demand is out of balance.I decided to use Yahoo auction on a trial basis.

If that was the case, I was planning to put the product on auction one by one, but it soared with tremendous momentum, and there were a lot of inquiries that "I can not get it with this amount, I want you to do something".At the beginning, the story that the exhibition was canceled after the successful bid was over.

If this was an administrative organization, it would be considered a mistake or blunder, but Ideaman Takenaka also used this pinch.

"The one who comes in contact with a shadow -shield clay figurine knit hat is irresistible. There is rarely the opportunity to interact with those people.Let's ask! "

I also talked to the members of the Komokinokan and changed the response by phone or e -mail to a questionnaire opportunity.On December 6, the price was 9,900 yen, and the price was 9900 yen, and we started accepting purchase requests.

At a stretch, the price was more than twice the price at a time, in addition to the fact that there were many opinions that "if it is up to 10,000 yen", the payment to Mr. A, which is heavy, is increased.The reason for the first come, first -served basis of the email and the lottery with postcards was due to consideration for those who were not treated as emails.

To buy a 9900 yen knit hat, how many people buy a 63 yen postcard, fill in the necessary information, and put it in the post?I want you to make a business person.

Takenaka, who could not imagine, recruited 24 pieces at the beginning.Then, 760 postcards arrived.On January 5, the new year, 36 recruitment was started as the second installment, and this time there were 380 applications.What a surpass the last time you accepted by email.Takenaka was surprised at this result.

"When I exhibited it in Yahoo auction, I got an email saying," ((a shadow -shellor clay gear knit hat) is not a normal hand -knitted work, but a crafts with technology, ".I realized that it was that kind of thing. "

There is no end to the product development of Takenaka and others.In July last year, a stuffed animal (3520 yen) of the Komakino archeological site PR character "Komuku" was released.This was also developed on a tripod with a teddy bear writer living in Saitama, and was completed after four prototypes.

The original goods of Komokinokan are also favorite Governor Aomori Prefecture, and have been playing on the event by wearing a shadow -shield clay figurine knit hat and a shadow -shielded clay figurine glasses many times.The Komakino archeological site was opened at the museum shop of the Sannai Maruyama archeological site, which was visited by 300,000 people every year before the Corona evil.In October last year, sales channels have been expanded, with the original goods online shop "Komaen".

"I don't have enough money, but if I don't get the moss, I can challenge little by little. I have never removed it because it is original goods.But everything is alive. "

The Komakinokan team led by Takenaka seems to be a mono -making venture, but the biggest mission is "closer to Jomon culture".In July of last year, a registration of a world cultural heritage of the Jomon Architecture in Hokkaido, including the Sannai Maruyama Ruins, was decided, and the Jomon culture began to expose as much as before.In the tailwind, Takenaka and the staff will surely create a product that will make the world.