[Part 2] Husband's child leaves used sanitary products! How can I change...?

A contributor who consulted about a high school daughter who is a stepchild of her husband. It seems that the way you handle sanitary products and underwear is completely different from your common sense, and it seems that you were surprised at the low hygiene concept. In response to the poster's confession, mothers expressed sympathy, saying, "My child is doing the same thing...".

Moms can't stop sighing... daughters' astonishing behavior

“My second daughter feels the same way. Sometimes used napkins are left open in the toilet, or they are not put in the waste bin. It seems that there is no sense of embarrassment even if you warn that you are sloppy. My husband and son are more embarrassed. Of course, I put the dirty panties in the washing machine as well, so I'm reminded every day.' , the clothes are pulled out, so the inside of the dresser is a mess. The same goes for dirty underwear, throwing away unrolled napkins. Well, neither rabbits nor horns are sloppy... It feels like that no matter how many times I pay attention to it. But I think that embarrassing yourself for not knowing etiquette is different from embarrassing yourself for knowing it, so I try to tell them what I can teach them, and I nudge them over and over again every day.” Same with my daughter. I leave used napkins in my room, I leave the dishes I drank in my room, I leave plastic bottles with half-drinks, I put the food leftovers I bought at the convenience store in the drawer. No matter how many times I warn him, he won't listen." "My husband has a stepchild. I was careful not to touch my daughter's room too much, but I cleaned it up occasionally because it was so dirty. It was full of earwax-stained swabs, nose tissues, leftover food, trash, unwashed clothes and underwear. It's hard for me to say, so I asked my husband to clean up, but he didn't clean it up. Cups and plates were hoarded so much that we could not use them. Every day was frustrating.” The inside is a mess, and at the end of the day, food is left in the room... If you like beauty, there are stories of experiences that are likely to make you shudder just by reading them. It seems that you can hear the mothers' sighs of exasperation from the comments. My daughters may think I'm noisy, but maybe I have no choice but to speak sourly every day.

[Part 2] Used by my husband's stepchild Abandoning used sanitary products! How can I change it...?

Actually, we also lived with the same hygiene concept as your daughter...

Some of the mothers who commented this time said that they had a low sense of hygiene.

“When I was in high school, I was also careless about my surroundings. It's just annoying that there's a small, hard-to-dispose trash can that you can't put in without crouching down. If you put a trash can in a place where you can easily throw it away, or put a sheet of vaginal discharge in a place where you can easily take it out, the situation may be better than it is now. After I got married and started living with other people, I was able to do a lot of things properly.” “When I was in high school, I had the same hygiene concept as the poster's daughter. It was fun and busy with various things, and it really didn't matter. If you start cleaning and throwing away garbage by yourself, you will become sensitive to dirty things, and eventually you will start thinking about your living space. The author may be able to guide you. I didn't feel embarrassed at all towards my family either." "I'm ashamed to say that I acted like a daughter until I was about 20 years old. Hide or leave dirty underwear. Thinking about it now, it's hard for me to understand why I did that, but now that I'm a working adult and a proper housewife, I'm able to live a clean life. I hope your daughter will find out soon.” It seems that each person has a different reason for their increased awareness of hygiene, such as "as you get older" or "because of marriage." Even if you don't rush, you may be able to clean up properly by chance.

Lastly, let me introduce this comment.

"My daughter, I'm glad you've become a good mother."

The reason why the poster is worried about this is because she loves her daughter and wants her to grow up to be a proper adult. I guess. She has a mother who seriously worries about herself, and her daughter is a lucky person.

The poster seems to have been surprised by the sloppiness of her daughter's lifestyle, but habits are not acquired overnight. It's important to tell them little by little and make it a habit over time without rushing. I hope the daughter of the poster can become a more wonderful woman.