Put mold multiplication on the stain of the air conditioner. What is the correct way to clean the filter? Pay attention to the methods of sterilization

When cleaning the filter, cut off the power of the air conditioner and vacuum dry.

Summer overuse is over, and air conditioning is the period when you switch from air conditioning to heating. The home appliance store in Fukui prefecture said that vacuum cleaners are effective in cleaning air-conditioning filters. The use of alcohol for sterilization can sometimes be the cause of failure, which needs to be paid attention to.


The home appliance store "100 full volts" (Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture) said the power must be cut off when the filter was cleaned. According to the operating instructions, remove the filter when you remove it and gently inhale it with a vacuum cleaner. If you want to be cleaner, wash water. Use alkaline detergent for sponges or soft brushes. Because it is easy to break, rinse gently from the back, rinse with water and dry until the moisture disappears completely.

In summer, quilts should be protected against mites before cleaning.

In addition, the new corona countermeasure keeps the alcohol used for sterilization around, but because it becomes the cause of air conditioning failure and fire, it is not used in filter cleaning, and it is best to maintain the degree of wiping the air conditioning surface.

According to the store, the dirt on the filter enters the air conditioner and combines with dew when the air conditioner is running, leading to the occurrence and proliferation of mold. And the blockage of the filter also increases the electricity bill. Depending on the driving time and environment, the electricity bill will increase by up to 25%. He pointed out that filters in environments such as smoking and cooking are easy to get dirty.

The ideal is "it is ideal to clean once or twice a month". In addition, air conditioners with automatic cleaning function of the filter automatically clean up once they recognize the dirt, which is now dominated by the older layer, but "annual cleaning can be used for longer periods of time."