LGBTQ+ 's symbolic rainbow-themed Disney store launches "The Walt Disney Company's Pride Collection" (1max 2 pages)

The Disney store will release the rainbow-themed "The Walt Disney Company's Pride Collection" in turn from April 9.


The series is designed to achieve a society that respects diversity, using the rainbow color as a symbol of LGBTQ+. In addition to the plush toys of Mickey Mouse mini mice in rainbow costumes (2750 yen each), there are also masks (2200 yen) and mugs (2200 yen). There are also many rainbow-colored goods added to daily life.

LGBTQ+の象徴レインボーカラーがモチーフ ディズニーストアが「The Walt Disney Company’s Pride Collection」を発売(1/2 ページ)

There will also be special props such as mini backpacks and wristwatches planned jointly with the American bag brand "Loungefly (Loungefly)".

It is worth mentioning that the Walt Disney Company, which runs Disney stores, participated in Tokyo Rainbow self-esteem 2021 and introduced the The Walt Disney Company's Pride Collection in an online booth. We will continue to support various community activities, including LGBTQ+.

"The Walt Disney Company's Pride Collection" is scheduled to be pre-sold at the Disney store Toyo Square in Sendai, Shibuya Park Street, Sidahara Town in Kyoto, Shinzaibashi and the official online store "shopDisney" from April 9, and the national Disney store will go on sale on April 13.

The price all includes tax.

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