Things that tend to be regretted in new properties! Introduce countermeasures

What you tend to regret about new properties

The points that you tend to regret when acquiring a new property can be roughly divided into the following four points.


1st place: failure on layout

Second place: money failure

3rd place: Mistakes related to plumbing

4th place: storage failure

Since the floor plan is directly related to daily life, there are many cases where people feel dissatisfied after actually living in the house.

Also, there are many points to consider about money, such as the mortgage repayment plan and how to make a budget.

Plumbing and storage can be difficult to imagine until the plan is realized, so it can be said that there are many points that you will regret after moving in.

Point 1 that tends to be regretted: Mistakes and countermeasures regarding floor plans

First of all, I will explain the points that tend to fail about floor plans and countermeasures. increase.

There are the following failure examples for life activity lines.

Failure example

When considering the floor plan, it is important to simulate the life line while expanding the image of actual living.

A spacious LDK is an important space where you can spend time together as a family.

Let's decide the number of rooms you need from a long-term perspective as much as possible while considering your family composition and life stage.

Depending on the floor plan, a Japanese-style room is often set up in the area adjacent to the living room. Since the Japanese-style room has cushioning properties, there are ways to use it, such as using it as a play space where children can be seen while they are small.

However, if you try to use the Japanese-style room adjacent to the living room as the main bedroom, it is easy to be concerned about the sounds of your family's daily life. It is also necessary to devise layouts such as placing the TV on the opposite side of the adjoining room.

Point 2 that tends to be regretted: Money-related failures and countermeasures

Next, let's look at failures and countermeasures in the area of ​​money.

The higher the percentage of the down payment when using a mortgage, the less the interest burden will be, so the total payment amount will be lower.

What do you tend to regret in a new property? Introduce countermeasures as well.</p><p>However, if you use most of your own funds as a down payment, you will not be able to purchase furniture, home appliances, and moving expenses, and it will be difficult for you to plan your finances, so be careful.</p><p>Also, when you buy a house, you need to pay a certain percentage of the amount in cash as

When purchasing land and building a custom-built house, ground investigation and improvement costs may be required in some cases.

Especially if you are planning a heavy steel structure or a three-story building, the load on the ground will be greater than a wooden one-story or two-story building, so there are many cases where investigation and improvement costs are required. .

These costs may not be included in the quotation issued by the house builder, so it is important to check in advance.

Since there is no set price for housing, it is common that the more you stick to it, the more your budget will increase.

Therefore, you should start by carefully determining the upper limit of your budget, taking into account your current annual income, work situation, and future life plans.

If you take out a home loan at the limit of whether or not you can repay it, if your income drops or you become unable to work, your finances will suddenly become difficult.

Therefore, consult with experts such as financial planners if necessary, and make a proper financial plan first.

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Point 3 that tends to be regretted: Mistakes related to plumbing and countermeasures

Since the plumbing is a space that is used every day, even minor flaws can easily lead to major dissatisfaction. It's the point.

The location of the toilet is a common plumbing mistake. Considering the ease of use, one way is to install it near the living room, but there is a possibility that other people will hear the sound of the toilet.

Carefully consider where to install the toilet, considering the ease of movement, but also identifying an area that is reasonably independent.

The usability of the kitchen is greatly influenced by the storage space and location.

If the kitchen space is limited due to the size of the site, make a plan so that you can secure the minimum necessary area to install refrigerators and cupboards. Another way is to incorporate ideas such as underfloor storage and wall storage.

Regarding the kitchen, it is important to value the opinions of those who cook frequently in the family and to make it as easy to use as possible.

One point that is often overlooked in plumbing is the storage area for cleaning tools. The space around the washroom and toilet is narrow, so let's consider securing the storage space after figuring out the minimum size.

Point 4 that tends to be regretted: storage failures and countermeasures

Next, we will introduce points that tend to fail in storage and countermeasures.

When the site area is limited, if you try to make the living room or room wider, you may have to cut down on the storage space. However, if you don't have storage space, you won't be able to store your luggage, and the room will eventually become smaller.

First of all, it is a good idea to clarify the storage space and amount of luggage in your current residence, and clarify the minimum required area.

In addition to the size and number of storage spaces, the installation location is also important. For example, if you have an outdoor hobby, you need a place to store things you use outside, so you want to secure a large storage space as close to the front door as possible.

In this way, it is important to consider the optimal installation location based on your lifestyle and daily life.

For storage space, the width of the frontage is also important. Even if you secure a large space so that you can store large luggage, there are cases where it is not possible to put it in as planned due to the width of the frontage.

In addition, the distance between the storage location and the opposite wall, and the type of door (open door, sliding door, etc.) also affect usability, so let's imagine the actual use and install it.

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