In order to reduce the stress during telework, we challenged cleaning and smarter of washing machines: Smart home appliances in the telework era (page 1/3)

With the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) turmoil, remote work was recommended to avoid three denses on commuter trains and office environments, and many companies that were possible responded.

In a job like the author (free writer), there is no need to commute, and it is likely that it is said, "Isn't it related to the world's remote work?"It is not surprisingly irrelevant because there are no recitals and exhibitions.Just as many office workers have shifted the meeting online, the interviews have passed through the screen.

That's why I always care about dust and hair on the floor.You don't want to imagine (and I don't want to imagine), but in my house, long and long hair, like more than 40 cm, falls around the floor, and in some cases, literally rolls around.

In 2019, I was out of half of the year, so I didn't care about it, and I was able to see it and look at it.However, she is not so if she is at home.Even if you don't have time to clean, you have to do something.

So I rely on technology, the power of technology, a robot.

Thankfully, not only Rumba, an I robot, but also robot vacuum cleaners are now on sale.Although the price and performance are different, we have introduced a smart LED ceiling light, and this time we purchased "[+style Original] Smart robot vacuum cleaner G300" (hereinafter, G300).The fact that it was 8000 yen off at the sale was one element that decided to purchase.

+Styleの「スマートロボット掃除機 G300」。高級感はないが、それほどチープにも見えない。ルンバとの違いは掃き出しブラシが2つであることと、そのブラシが長いことだ

This G300 is a robot vacuum cleaner that is the high -end model among+style.At least at the time of purchase.The price was 34,800 yen at the time of release, and 26,800 yen (including taxes, the same hereinafter) when writing the manuscript.

テレワーク中のストレスを減らすべく、掃除の自動化と洗濯機のスマート化に挑戦した:テレワーク時代のスマート家電(1/3 ページ)

The installed laser sensor (SLAM) maps room during cleaning, enabling efficient cleaning in a short time.That leads to the fact that a single charge can clean a larger area.Even if the battery is about to run out on the way, it will return to the charging station straight, and after the charging is completed, it will resume cleaning from the original part, so there is no need to start over.

Like many robot vacuum cleaners, the G300 shape is circular.The diameter is about 340mm and is the same as the Irobot entry model "Rumba 671".The overall height is about 82mm, but the laser sensor is on the height of about 102 mm, so it cannot be cleaned under furniture, which is only 10 cm in height from the floor.


In the case of the author, I purchased Rumba 890 about three years ago.He was quite saved in terms of cleaning, but there was only one dissatisfaction.

That is, the dust box cannot be washed.Every time I discarded the garbage, I wiped the inside with a wet tissue for cleaning and wiped it with a kitchen paper.The dust around the filter was also sucked with another handicap cleaner.

In that regard, the G300 is about half the price of Rumba 890, but it is possible to wash the dust box, and it also supports water wiping.You can wear a dedicated wiping mop and a water wiping tank.The maintenance has become easier, and thanks to being able to take care of a little stickiness on the floor without any hassle, the stress related to cleaning has been much less.


However, the suction power feels better at the Rumba 890 (the i robot does not disclose the numerical value of the Rumba series suction power), and the cleaning is quite different.Rumba 890 cleans the same place many times, while the G300 is only once for the same place.Therefore, it is undeniable that there is a slight missing.


In such a case, use the "Spot Specification" mode.Rather than once in one direction, it runs vertically and horizontally in the specified area, and takes "twice" to clean.


Nevertheless, I think it's convenient to start cleaning at a fixed time every day using the schedule function, and by that time I have the habit of clearing something that has fallen on the floor somewhere.good.If you stay at home all the time, you will never think that there is something there, so it is no exaggeration to say that it is thanks to smart home appliances that you have forced to get rid of it.

It is also good to notify your smartphone to start / complete cleaning even if you are in another room.You can get the timing to return to the room.


Next, we worked on the smarter of the washing machine.