HIHI JETS is the first starring with all five!April start drama "Everyday!In "Cleaners", "Dark Cleaning Shop" to "Feeling like a long -awaited wish"

The broadcast of "HIHI JETS" starring "full power! Cleaners" is decided

HIHI JETS's first -featured comedy touch in the ABC TV "Drama +" frame (every Sunday night every Sunday night, ABC TV and others / TV Kanagawa every Tuesday night 11:00~ * April 19 [Tuesday] starts will be broadcast on April 17 (Sun).An original story depicting the activities of the dark vacuum cleaner "Cleaners", which confront various evils, set in the city of the top ranking of towns that I do not want to live in.Five HIHI JETS members wear matching connections and cleaning tools, dressed as unique cleaners.[See photos] HIHI JETS & Bijin, battle camp in Chichibu in midwinter!■ HIHI JETS first starring drama with 5 members!HIHI JETS is Johnny's JR, consisting of Yuto Takahashi, Mizuki Inoue, Ryo Hashimoto, Aoya Inokari, and Ryuto Sakuma..Group.The members are very good, and they are characterized by a breathtaking combination.This is the first drama appearance with all the five people, and this is the first starring work.One of the charms of the work is that you can enjoy the original characters by five unique members.With a comical and pop story development, five people are dynamically dynamic with life -sized roles.Through the various activities of "Cleaners" that confront the evils of the city, they draw a story of their "youth", "friendship", and "growth".■ The habit is amazing!Specialty characters with strong individuality, "Gotchin", Yu Gotokuji ... Yuto Takahashi is a third -year college student who is looking for a job.Job hunting is 31 consecutive losses, living a life that tends to regret something.I was worried about the existence of my best friend, Haji -chan, who transferred in elementary school, but I met again after returning from job hunting and was involved in an unexpected situation."Haji -chan" Hitotsubashi Hitotsubashi (one tsubashi / beginning) ... Mizuki Inoue has been more justice than when he was young, and is a popular person who is loved by everyone.While working part -time at a cleaning company, form a "cleaners" "cleaner" to "clean" a bad city.Invite the best friend, Gokchin in elementary school, who happened to meet again to "Cleaners" ...The role of Jiro Enomoto, the role of "Jiro -chan" ... The number of Ryo Hashimoto is small, and if you open your mouth, you will talk.A refreshing nice guy who always cares about bangs.The oldest of the five, the oldest student, what they usually do, are wrapped in mystery.The role of "Yanban" Yuto Yatsumura (Shimura / Haruto) ... Aoya Inokari is an action movie enthusiast who imitates Jackie Chen and talks about Dwane Johnson.He is the youngest high school student among the five, and the other four speak in honorifics.The role of "Omame" Mitsumame Ryo ... Ryuto Sakuma is a rare and unusual Regent.The hierarchical relationship is noisy, and the newcomers of "Cleaners" are forced to "San".The real face seems to have a completely different side of a person ...■ Yuto Takahashi Comments Hihi JETS This is the first drama for all 5 people.I was very happy because I always wanted to take a drama with everyone.I enjoy shooting every day while being nervous.At the site, the air of HIHI JETS in the drama site, which is different from the air of the usual HIHI JETS, is a bit fresh, but as a result it is almost always fun as usual.I think that it is such a heartwarming work that is warm and laughing.Although it is clumsy with five cleaners, please enjoy living desperately to be yourself.■ Mizuki Inoue Comments HIHI JETS's first drama for five people, frankly was happy!Until now, there was a co -starring with each member, but this is the first drama with all five people, so I was very excited to be able to make one work with five members.During the shooting, I work with the director while communicating with the director, and I am studying.I think you can see members with a slightly different atmosphere than usual!I think it is a drama that can push the back of someone who is challenging something with laughter, tears, and a wonderful work.Please take a look!■ Ryo Hashimoto Comment When I heard it for the first time, I was very happy to say, "Really?"As I did the script and costumes, I was really looking forward to shooting it little by little, saying, "I'm really going to shoot a drama with five people."During the shooting, when it comes to the scene of five people, it will be changed from the atmosphere that the usual five people are talking about, so it is very fun while the atmosphere is acting.I think that it is a work that can be laughed and impressed by those who know the usual HIHI JETS and who do not know.In the future, I will aim for a strong memorable work that makes me remember and laugh when thinking about "full power! Cleaners".Please take a look.■ Aoya Inokari Comments For a long time, I was talking about five people who wanted to appear in video works someday, so I felt like I had a longing.The shooting is always friendly, and of course I am focusing on the play, but I am talking about a little free time relaxing as "a dressing room".I'm a little scared of shooting serious situations."All power! Cleaners" will definitely be a very important work for our five.After a few years, when you look back, you will definitely miss this work.Let's enjoy a part of our career in real time, and enjoy it together as a good memory.■ Ryuto Sakuma Comment I was very happy because five people told me that I wanted to appear in a drama someday.As a member who is always with me, I was able to relax and play while having the freshness of being 5 people in the drama site.I was surprised when I heard that it would be a regent in the role of Yankee (laughs).When I first saw myself in a regent in a mirror, I was surprised and somewhat laughed.The feeling of air that can only be seen from the source of HIHI JETS is a fun drama that can be seen in some places, so I hope that it will be healed by everyone during the broadcast period.Of course, I would like you to pay attention to the "Omame" hairstyle, but I also want you to pay attention to the glimpsed personality as the story progresses.Please take a look.■ Hit makers that handle many youth comedy are tags scriptwrites, such as "Koizumi no Futari" (NHK), "It seems that a virgin until 30 years old can be a magician" (TV Tokyo), and the movie "Heroine Disqualification".Hit maker Erika Yoshida.Directed by Koichiro Miki, who has drawn many young people's youth group plays, such as "I'm in the next life" (TV Tokyo), "Pornographers" (Fuji TV), and the movie "Botanical Picture Book" and "Yowamushi Pedal".。Both people form a tag and depict the original worldview, which is a sweet and sour essence of youth, and a friendly laughter at a good tempo.■ Erika Yoshida Comments "I want to be a special being", "I want to be myself", "I want to be useful for people", "I want to be dull", etc.Cleaners are life -sized, full of drawbacks, but they can't hate them.I wrote it for some people, and I thought about setting with the desire and delusion that some people would like to play this role.HIHI JETS and other cast staff members are united, and it is a work that has been completed after overcoming many difficulties.Please wait a little longer until the broadcast starts!■ Director Kiichiro Miki comment Hihi JETS, they knew when Mizuki Inoue appeared in the movie "Yowamushi Pedal".It was live that I saw five people together.The live show that the uncle saw in the girls was quite embarrassing, but the contents of the live showed that it was a masculine or cool group that overturned it.Their first drama was "comedy", but I didn't want to be a drama that pursued only laughter because of the impression of the live.It's a comedy, but I wish I could have a male smell, humanity, and cool comedy.And the elements are in historical drama and Showa drama?I thought about what would happen if I put a little taste of "Showa" in "Towa".As expected, I think that the passion, masculinity, and even more positive part of them came out.Please look forward to their hot play, despite comedy.■ “Full Power! Cleaners” Synopsis “Gokuchin”, Yu (Yuto Takahashi), is a third -year university student who tends to regret anything.On the day he suffered 31 job hunting, Gokchin was stolen his car (= bicycle), and was hit by a "Urushikai man" and was beaten.At that moment, a young man appeared to discipline a man with a splendid body.It was Hitotsubashi Hitotsubashi (Mizuki Inoue) that saved the Gokkin.He was a best friend in elementary school in elementary school, and when he was in elementary school, it was a reunion since Hajime -chan was transferred.He loved Hatsun -chan, who has a strong sense of justice, but always regretted that he was separated before the transfer.Recently, he has returned to this city, and the impressive reunion is so good that he is forcibly invited by a mysterious team in the middle, saying, "We don't clean this city? The team name is Cleaners!"What was brought in was a cleaning company where Hajime -chan was living in a part -time job.There was Jiro Enomoto (Ryo Hashimoto), who always cares about bangs, Yuto Yatsumura (Soya Inokari), the fourth, who decides the action star pose,(Ryuto Sakuma).On this day, when five people have been together, Cleaners begins to clean the city to wipe out the evils of the city.* Yuto Takahashi's high is correctly "ladder height"

 HiHi Jetsが5人そろって初主演!4月スタートドラマ『全力!クリーナーズ』で“闇の掃除屋”に 「念願がかなったような気持ち」