Discovered a combination of super -intense horse!It is very good to put commercial ice cream solution into iced coffee!: Netimei

The tweets that are very good when you put "vanillasoft & ice mix" sold at business supermarkets is gradually talking about it.

"Vanilla Soft & Ice Mix" (248 yen excluding tax) is a stock solution of soft ice cream sold for business use.It is a kind of "milk pack dessert" series that becomes like a soft ice cream when frozen (related article).It is Mito Kurato (@mitragyna) of the "Black Alchemy Society" who proposes how to put such "Vanilla Soft & Ice Mix" in a drink.


In mid -July, Mr. Kurato discovered that "vanillasoft & ice mix" was sold at a business supermarket and purchased it.After that, when I frozen it in a ice tray, it became so hard that I put it in iced coffee instead of ice.

It's a delicious way to drink, but is it delicious to put it in a drink other than coffee?So I actually tried it.


I immediately called a business supermarket in Tokyo and found that some stores were sold out.According to the clerk, there are many customers who buy in bulk, and they sell well.


I managed to take it, and when I headed to the store, I found a new product "Choco Soft & Ice Mix" (excluding tax), so I purchased it here.


If you pour it into a glass from the package, "Vanilla Soft & Ice Mix" has a milky white fluid like milk."Chocolate soft & ice mix" has spread the scent of chocolate just by pouring.

超激ウマの組み合わせ発見! 業務用アイスクリーム液をアイスコーヒーに入れるとめっちゃうまい!:ねとめし


By the way, we prepared three types of drinks in this experiment, recommended iced coffee and flavor tea, ice green tea recommended by Kurato.


Mr. Kurato said that "Vanilla Soft & Ice Mix" was frozen in ice before putting it in, but first I tried to see what it would taste.


First, from iced coffee.When I poured into coffee, it turned into a color like a cafe au lait at once.And the scent of vanilla is faint.


The taste is a little vanilla, and the strong flavor unique to coffee is a little mild.This is a bit of a sweetness that leads to condensed milk, and this is good!


Next is a flavored tea.Mr. Kurato received information that the flavor tea was also delicious, so we prepared a strawberry flavored flavored flavor instead of ice tea.The scent of vanilla and fruit is refreshing, and I feel like I'm drinking high -quality tea.This is also delicious!


The last ice green tea has changed to a matcha vanilla Latte with vanilla.The bitterness and sweetness are perfect for the hot season!


While I was trying various things, what I put in the freezer has frozen."Vanilla Soft & Ice Mix" can be put in a freezer with a paper pack and freezes, but this time it was frozen in a sealed bag aimed at shortening the time.


If you put frozen food on a plate, it looks like a handmade ice cream at a coffee shop.The essential taste is also incredibly delicious!Vanilla is a strong and intense horse, while feeling a bit hard on the soft ice cream sold at the store.The chocolate has a bitter chocolate flavor from the nose, and this is the best!


It's too wonderful to be able to make such a delicious food just by leaving it to the freezer at home!


And I put it in the frozen state in each drink.When you put it on coffee, it looks completely coffee float.As time goes on, the ice melts more and more, and it feels interesting that the taste changes.It was even more delicious when I soaked the ice with a spoon and soaked in coffee!


Next is a flavored tea.This is a shake style when you stir with a spoon and dissolve the ice and then drink it.The sweetness of the chai -style was delicious, so it might be a good idea to put tapioca.Also, rather than pouring into a commercially available ice flavor tea, it was better to brew the hot for hot and put ice cream.


The last is green tea.This is the taste of the level that can be sold at the store.There is no reason that the flavor of the tea and the vanilla do not fit!It was MVP of the bite.Also, if you want to add sweetness, add fresh cream to make it even better.


The most delicious points are "brewing the drink in a dark eye" and "stir once in the middle of freezing."Also, even if you freeze it as a pack, you can eat it crispy and delicious, but it felt better to touch the outside air.

Please make an original drink at home and survive this summer!

(The product price in the text is at the time of interview)