ASCII.jp Panasonic launches flat-rate cleaning service using RULO Biz, a small commercial robot vacuum cleaner

Panasonic announced on March 22 that it will start a monthly flat-rate cleaning platform service using the small commercial robot vacuum cleaner "RULO Biz".

In recent years, while the introduction of large commercial robot vacuum cleaners in large common areas such as building entrance halls and corridors is progressing, there are many obstacles such as exclusive areas of office buildings, shops, and restaurants. Space makes it difficult to introduce large commercial robot vacuum cleaners, which have become mainstream.

ASCII.jp Panasonic, small for business use Launch of flat-rate cleaning service using robot vacuum cleaner

Therefore, the company has developed a small commercial robot vacuum cleaner “RULO Biz” that is suitable for cleaning complicated narrow spaces with many obstacles such as fixtures, making use of the technology and know-how cultivated in the home robot vacuum cleaner. .

RULO Biz communicates wirelessly with a dedicated server and performs cleaning based on the map sent from the server. It is possible to operate flexibly according to user needs, such as cleaning multiple maps with one RULO Biz or operating multiple RULO Biz at the same time.

In addition, RULO Biz automatically starts cleaning at the specified time, and completes cleaning while replenishing and charging itself as necessary, so the on-site manned work can be greatly reduced to just throwing away garbage after cleaning. and

In addition to the RULO Biz main unit and system usage fee, the monthly fee for this service includes annual periodic inspections and maintenance, and the provision of a replacement device in the event of a failure. It can be used safely without opening.