Avoid obstacles with economic IT 2 cameras and AI!The latest robot vacuum cleaner has evolved so far

Spring full bloom!The difficult season has arrived for people with hay fever.The cleaning of this season, where the number of chili and dust enters the room is increasing, and the cleaning of this season, such as the night when the family is lying down or early in the morning, during the time when pollen and chili dust fall on the floor.It is best to wipe the floor water.

However, it is difficult to stay up late or get up early for cleaning.Therefore, it is recommended that you leave it to "Roborock S7 MAXV PLUS" (186,780 yen), which will be released from the robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer Roborock, which will also be wiped off.

The avoidance power of obstacles is dramatically improved, and the suction power is doubled.In the carpet area, the evolved latest robot vacuum cleaner is amazing, such as the water wiping mop automatically lift up!

The reason for the improvement of obstacle avoidance of "Roborock S7 MAXV PLUS" is the "RGB camera" in a color that determines the shape and distance of the object and performs visual identification with "Structure Light & Camera", which is also used for face authentication.Located in the two cameras and AI.

As a result, the recognition speed of obstacles increased by 70 % and the evasion performance increased by 22 %.Recognize a total of eight obstacles, such as slippers, pets dung, cord, and 5 kinds of furniture, including beds and sofas, and avoid 3D display on the app, avoid them at an appropriate distance.Other objects are recognized as "others" for objects with a width of 5cm and 3cm in height, and avoid them safely.

In addition, you can check the state of the room from your smartphone in real time using the mounted camera.A microphone is also installed, so two -way calls are possible.

It can be used as a watching camera to remotely control the body and check the state of the pet while you are away.In addition, since it is equipped with an LED filllight, it also supports the darkness.

経済・IT 2カメラとAIで障害物を避けまくり!最新ロボット掃除機はここまで進化したぞ

Of course, the performance as a vacuum cleaner has been greatly improved.Power up to 5100PA, which is doubled compared to the conventional model, and inhale from fine house dust to pet toilet sand at once.

The water wiping function achieves a powerful water wiping with a high -speed vibration mop that moves up to 3000 times per minute and a 600g mop weight.In water wiping mode, it also supports stiff dirt such as sebum, coffee, and pollen.

In addition, if you detect the carpet, the water wiping mop will automatically lift 5mm and only suction cleaning, so you can use it with confidence in a room with a carpet.

One of the features of the "Roborock S7 Maxv Plus" is that the newly adopted "smart automatic garbage collection dock" automatically collects garbage for 60 days.It is compatible with paper pack type and cyclone type 2WAY, and the paper pack adopts a paper pack for allergic care.In the cyclone type, it is possible to wash the garbage collection box and parts.

A nice point that the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner is easy.Filters, dust boxes, and mops can be washed with water, easy to disassemble and clean the main brush, and keep them clean anytime.

In addition, the various functions of "Roborock S7 MAXV PLUS" can be used as desired, such as operating apps, setting the prohibition of water -wiped areas, displaying cleaning routes, and setting cleaning mode for each room.The release is scheduled for March 26.If you are interested in the latest robot vacuum cleaner, please check it out!

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