Sapporo Susukino Building While Cleaning CO poisoning or 5 -person transportation generator, gas leaks?

On the afternoon of March 19 in a room in a downtown Susukino building in Chuo -ku, Sapporo, there was a gas leak accident, and five people were transported to the hospital.The area was temporarily noisy.

The gas leak accident was a nine -story multi -tenant building in Susukino, a downtown area of Minami 6 6jo Nishi 3 -chome, Chuo -ku, Sapporo.

札幌ススキノ ビル清掃中にCO中毒か 5人搬送 発電機を作動させたらガス漏れ? 現場付近は一時騒然

According to the firefighting, a cleaning company entered a room in the building after 3:00 pm on the 19th, and a carbon monoxide was generated when a generator was operated to operate a high -pressure washing machine.

In this accident, five people who were working were transported to the hospital for alleged carbon monoxide poisoning and received treatment.Both are conscious.

In this accident, the area near the site was closed for more than an hour, and it was temporarily noisy.

Firefighting is investigating the cause of carbon monoxide from generators.

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