LG, clothing cleaning home appliances large capacity model in Japan

LG Electronics Japan (Tokyo, Chuo), a Korean LG Electronics Japanese subsidiary, will launch a large -capacity model of home appliances that can easily care for suits and coats in Japan.Added a model that can clean 5 clothes and the first pants at once.We expect demand for people who want to organize many clothes at the end of work.

"S5MB (Mirror)" will be released from the clothing cleaner "LG Styler" series.Combine high -temperature steam and small vibration to remove odors and wrinkles attached to suits and coats.The price is open, but the expected actual selling price is expected to be around 320,000 yen.Sold at electronics retailers.

LG、衣類清掃家電の大容量モデル 日本に投入

Introducing a large -capacity model that can maintain 5 clothes and 1 pants.Until now, in Japan, it has been selling models that can care for 3 clothes and one pants at once.By increasing the height of the product by 10 cm, large -sized clothing such as a long coat can be put in.A course is equipped with a course that reduces pollen attached to clothing created for the Japanese market.

South Korea has been selling 5th models since 2018 and has gained popularity.The annual shipment ratio of the fifth model in South Korea as a whole is about 75% in 2010, rising from about 35% in 2018.

According to the LG, the number of stylers in Japan is increasing year by year due to the growing awareness of cleanliness due to the expansion of the new colon virus infection.Expand the group of products and further develop a layer that is interested in daily clothing.


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