The latest washing machine reduces "unnamed housework"!"Automatic introduction of detergents" and "automatic filter cleaning" evolved

The latest washing machines are only those that reduce the number of "unnamed housework" (the photo shows Panasonic "Namame Drum Washing Dryer Na-LX129AL/R", which has an automatic introduction function of "fashionable dressing").


When choosing a washing machine, the main checkpoint will be the dry performance, such as dirt, drying speed and finish.In addition, it is easy to use.The latest washing machines only reduce "unnamed housework".How far has it evolved?[6 photos] Two types of washing machines carefully selected by home appliance experts.Equipped with "Automatic Dry Filter Cleaning Function" and "Automatic Introduction Function of Stylish Dusug"

Liquid detergent / softener automatic introduction is a standard of the upper model

Makiko Tanaka, a home appliance writer, says:"It is easy to feel that the washing machine has evolved in the last few years. Of course, the detergency and drying performance are increasing year by year, but ease of use is also an important checkpoint. Only for what you use every day.A convenient function that has evolved and improved greatly because it feels stressed when a little effort accumulates.The representative case is the "liquid detergent / softener automatic introduction" function."This is the first function of Panasonic in the drum -type washing and dryer in 2017, but since then, each manufacturer has followed and is now in the" new common sense "function that is now installed in many higher -level models. Liquid detergent in advance., If you put a whole softener in a tank, it will automatically put the required amount according to the laundry capacity. Therefore, not only will you save the trouble of putting detergent each time, but also put the appropriate amount.It is possible and economical. Furthermore, it is because it does not require detergent measurement to be able to move the washing machine from the go with an IoT type. "

Dry filters and lint filters are also drastically reduced

Next, Mr. Tanaka feels the ease of cleaning the dried filter and lint filter of the drum -type washing and dryer."The dried filter adheres the lint and dust, so if you do not care for the drying each time, the filter may be clogged and the drying time may be longer or uneven drying may occur. This dried drying.There are many voices saying that it is difficult to remove the dust in the filter, but recently it has been improved, such as automatic care and easy to fall off.It is especially recommended for those who are. ""A function that makes it easier for laundry to put in and out by devising the opening of the door, a function that suppresses black mold by automatically cleaning the washing tub, a function that can be operated from the go through the smartphone application.And so on. Thanks to these useful functions, the current washing machine is more and more comfortable. "