The forest of Tokyo and Toranomon are connected!"Floor workshop" report using solid wood flooring of "SMALL WOOD TOKYO"!

Commemorative photo after completion!

The forest is irreplaceable for us, as sometimes said, "Forest is a lover of the sea."And did you know that there is a rich forest in Tokyo?

Wouldn't it be nice if I could connect such a Tokyo forest and Little Tokyo?From the idea, we decided to make a newly opened workshop space in Little Tokyo, a flooring using solid wood in Tokyo.

The one who cooperated in full -time was "SMALL WOOD TOKYO", which is a fun worker in the regeneration of the forest, not just "planting", is "Tasutasu".Today, we will have a lecturer with ++ as a lecturer and deliver the "flooring workshop" that we went with with Little Tokyo citizens.

SMALLWOOD with bend, short, nodes.A good scent from waiting for it to be laid.

"Small Wood TOKYO" is a forest that spreads in the Tama district of Tokyo, and a joint company ++ (Tosutasu), which is a limited edition of Okura Shalling Co., Ltd., which struggles to regenerate the forestry that has fallen to the right.Co -project.

Laws that are hard to get priced, such as bending, short, and clause are usually used as plywood and chips, but these materials are found as "Small Wood" and solid wood that does not use adhesive (one).By using the raw wood as a directly cut out of the square material and board to the necessary dimensions), it will blow into the forest and forestry.

The most typical product is "flooring only".By arranging a single piece of solid wood, you can comfortably and easily renew your home room and inorganic office floor.


This is the Greens office in Toranomon, Tokyo.It's like a room in a building, and it's a cold impression, but let's lay a "flooring just to lay" in this place!So, the members of the GK ++ came.However, unlike a general contractor, the process is unique.

"Laying flooring" is not just a professional and constructed.By enjoying a simple DIY of laying the flooring together with the client, it can also be a trigger of attachment to the floor that will be used for a long time.(Joint company ++ Tomoyo Yasuda)

Yes, this is a DIY service that does not just buy a flooring as a customer, but to follow a part of your life.

Can I say DIY even amateurs?Apparently, I don't need to worry.All the prepared single plates are carved and unevenly carved according to the dimensions, so they only use them according to the precisely calculated drawings.It is a nice place to be completed without using any nails.


All of the materials are incorporated in each piece, so just put them in.

Tantonton to avoid gaps with gold.Teamwork is important.

It seems that "flooring only" can be used to build a team building such as a company because it moves the body with the people around me and finishes one thing together.When I actually proceed with the work, I was convinced.Even those who have met for the first time are working together right next to each other, so conversations are born and get along.

It is difficult to make conversations other than work in the company.Introducing such services, which creates a sense of unity throughout the work, seems to be very meaningful to smooth communication.

And, even though I did not decide, everyone who handed the material, the person who read the drawing, the person who drives in the gold, and everyone will work on each other.


If the prepared materials have a delicate error from the actual size of the room, the material is processed on the spot, and the flooring is carefully laid without gaps.

When I asked the staff during the work, I was surprised to find that there was a squid (that is the squid of seafood) and a circular room.Because of DIY, it seems that you can challenge all rooms.

The last one is the Little Tokyo citizen, Otoi, who rushed from Oshima.It is the moment when the shutter is cut off.

While doing so, it is the last one in no time.About 2 hours and 30 minutes from the start, about 18 tatami floors with everyone together are finally completed!It is very easy to actually try, the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment after light exercise.A refreshing smile spilled to the participants.

When completed, you will want to sit down and lie down.This is something that can not be a cool floor in the office.The scent is good and the gloss is good, but there is no chemical processing on the surface.

What looks glossy is the natural oil that the tree originally has.I want you to feel the texture of the wood that is not painted.

Said Yasuda.And, unlike the flooring, the impression that the inside of the room has become much brighter.It feels kind to the eyes.Furthermore, solid wood continues to breathe even on the flooring, so it can be warm when it is cold and can be cool when it is hot.

東京の森と虎ノ門がつながった!「SMALL WOOD TOKYO」の無垢材フローリングを使った”床張りワークショップ”レポート!

Solid wood is all good."Laying flooring" is easy to clean by removing dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner, and simply wiping it with a rag that is sometimes squeezed.First of all, dust is hard to stand and it is easy to clean.I think it's good for your home where you are allergic.It would be nice to be able to live comfortably and work for mental health.

Tomoyo Yasuda, a wooden employee of a joint company ++.

After the floor was completed and the excitement was exciting, the Kigarishin employee (Kigarishishin) and Mr. Tomoyo Yasuda talked about the current state of the forest in Tokyo.

The reasons for the roughness of the forest are greatly affected by the existence of artificial forests that were not used after planting after the period of high economic growth.If you ask again, you will become yourself.

70 years ago, in the post -war demand, wood production of 6 million rice was made throughout Japan, and trees were cut down.And 50 years ago, cedar and chinoki were planted more and more as a national policy.

However, it will grow up for decades to grow before trees can be used.In the long -lasting high economic growth era, imported wood was cheaper without tariffs, and forestry was abolished, and the forests became rough.

From the official website of SMALL WOOD TOKYO

Although there are many trees that have grown enough, it is difficult to establish forestry due to price competition with imported wood and glued lumber.There are.

And since 2006, many trees have begun to be cut down as a countermeasure for cedar pollen source in Tokyo, but some of the trees are difficult to expensive, there are nodes, bending, and short trees.Yasuda says that there are many.

Many of these trees we call "Small Wood" are used as chips and plywood, but they use adhesives and chemicals.

Originally, it was a tree that our grandpa generation planted so hard, so I think it would be better to use it in solid wood if possible, and I would be happy if you could use it as a personality and use it as a personality.

A clause workshop unique to SMALL WOOD, which has many clauses.If you look at your personality, the image will expand!

In the continuous “Fushi Workshop”, each participant finds his favorite clause and draws it.I imagined the personality and presented it with the name of one kanji character.

Participants say, "It's a strong clause that seems to have a strong trunk, so the name is strong," and "I'm sure it's a profit to the surrounding branches, so I'm writing it as a profit."

When you draw, my child (section) will be attached to it.I love the personality of the section while using the flooring.I hope that the more you look at, the more your love is, so that the more you have a flooring, the more you have the flooring.

The clauses that remain on the board are originally branches.From the flooring I usually see, I was rarely imagined the state of a tree when I was standing in the forest, but by focusing on the section and expanding my image, I am now in Tokyo and the forest of Tokyo.I was able to realize that it was connected.

Hirak Ogura, a company ++, a joint company ++."I want you to feel the gift of the forest."

In the first place, Kokura Hilak, Kigakari, said that his own experience was the trigger for the GK ++ to work on "SMALL WOOD TOKYO".

Originally, when I decided to move to a 60 -year -old rental house, only the floor was not convinced on the cushion floor, so to Okura's Okura Maginery, I met before, because of work.When I consulted, I was told, "If you lay a flooring, you can go back to the current situation when you leave the house."

Others told me, "It's better to stop because it warps," but Mr. Okura says, "It's okay because it's not drying down. It's okay because it's dried."I really like it.Of course, it's not warped.

それから、沖倉さんとの関係が続くうちに「多摩にかつては500件以上あったという製材所が今はわずか18件だけ」と聞き、東京の山と林業に危機を感じ、「SMALL WOOD TOKYO」の活動につながっていったのだといいます。節抜けしてしまった箇所にはサイズの合う枝を合わせて一つひとつ“埋め木”。ここまでの丁寧な仕事も沖倉製材所ならでは。

Mr. Yasuda also talks about Okura -san.

Okura is a person who is thinking about the entire industry.It seems that the price is appropriate for the tree, as it is said in the market that "the price will drop if Mr. Okura does not come."

Looking at that kind of thing, what we can do is to buy trees at a reasonably high price, know the source, and hand over the carefully processed materials to our customers.I thought.

"Flooring only to lay" is a gift from the ancestors who planted the forest with the careful handicraft of Okura Law Maker, which is enthusiastic about "use the trees in the mountains of the mountain.What you did.And we couldn't meet without the existence of a joint company ++ that started selling it by commercialization.

Plant.Cut.use.Although there are many options, it seems that you will be able to spend a lot of things that you can feel close to the trees that your grandpa generation planted with your heart.

But I don't think we should end the flooring and end it.I received a gift from the older generation, and I wanted to think at the same time what kind of gift we would give to the next generation.

Perhaps it is the activity of "Small Wood TOKYO" that gives you a chance to discuss such things at home and company.

And this workshop space was completed today, but it will be used in Green's Green School Tokyo and various workshop events in the future.Please come to the space where you can meet the forest in Tokyo.