Nagahama Neru, New Year's card If you win the 1st class, "I want to buy a home appliance" vacuum cleaner

Talent Nagahama Neru (23) attended the "New Year's Lottery Lottery for 2022" held in Tokyo on the 16th, and talked about exchanges on his own New Year's cards.

Nagahama said, "I got a letter from a local friend for the first time in a long time and got married, I was doing this kind of work, and I sometimes knew about the recent status in a New Year's card.I wrote it by hand, but I thought that the person's face came to my mind and thought that a New Year's card was nice. "He said that his real sister's New Year's card was printed with a photo of his nephew born last year, and smiled, "I want to return home."

You can get 300,000 yen for cash if you hit the first class of the New Year's lottery.If you hit the 1st prize, what you want to buy is a vacuum cleaner and said, "I was cleaning up at the end of the year and wanted to buy a new one. I want to buy home appliances."

Shinobu Otake, Natsumi Uga, a free announcer, a comedy trio, a jungle pocket Otake, Hirohisa Ota, and Shinji Saito.The prizes and winning numbers from 1 to 3 are as follows.


◆ 1 -class cash 300,000 yen or selectable electronic money gift "Ejoica (Ejoica) Select Gift" 310,000 yen or 2021 Special Stamps & Cash 200,000 yen

Takesen Number 6 Ka 770102

◆ 2nd class hometown parcel, etc.

Takeshi number 4 less 1208

◆ Third -class New Year's stamp sheet (63 yen stamps and 84 yen seal stamp sheets)

02, 54, 50 ( * The exchange period is from January 17 to July 19)