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On April 7, Dyson announced the cordless vacuum cleaner "Dyson Omni-Glide".It will be released sequentially at Dyson directly managed stores, Dyson official online stores, Dyson customer consultation rooms, and electronics retailers.

Speaking of the company's cordless vacuum cleaner, "Dyson V11", which allows you to check the cleaning mode and battery level in the handle's display, and the lightest "Dyson Micro 1" in the company's history.."5kg" is on sale, but the new product "Dyson Omni-Glide" is a point notable to review the structure of the cleaner head and make it easier to clean in a narrow place.

Specifically, it has four caster wheels that rotate 360 rotations, so that it can be moved not only before and after but also on the left and right.In addition, the roller with a diameter of 31 mm and a neck structure that can be turned over by returning the wrist can easily be cleaned under low furniture.

Regarding motor rotations, the motor rotates up to 125,000 rotations per minute for "Dyson V11", while "Dyson Omni-Glide" only costs up to 155,000 rotations per minute.

In addition, it is designed to collect garbage in five stages, 0.3 μm fine particles 99.It is said that 99%will be caught.The pressurized rubber seal prevents the collected garbage from leaking into the air and can discharge more clean air than the air in the room.

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エンガジェット日本版 ダイソン、自在に操れるコードレス掃除機 ヘッドが前後左右に動く

In addition to as a stick cleaner, it can be used as a handicaper cleaner or futon cleaner by replacing the attached tools.This is a familiar specification for Dyson products.In addition to a clear bottle that can open and close while pressing the button, it is possible to remove the filter or brush bar and wash it with water so that it is easy to clean.

The drive time is about 20 minutes, and the strong mode is about 5 minutes.A button can be exchanged for a spare detachable battery (sold separately), and a floor dock that can be charged while storing the main unit and tools is included.

The size at the time of the stick is 208x depth 1077x height 132mm, weighs 1.90kg.

The direct sales price is 64,900 yen (Dyson Omni-Glide Complete ", which comes with a cleaner head, mini motor head, combination gap nozzle, tabletop tool, storage bracket, and dedicated charging dock.

In addition to the above, Dyson Omni-Glide Complete+[SV19 OF COM], a Dyson official color that comes with an LED gap nozzle, is 69,300 yen.

Source: Dyson

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