Automotive parts, vacuum cleaners, cosmetics boxes ... I went to Robotadia, a restaurant where more than 40 robots made from recycled materials welcome you

I recently went to a restaurant with a robot made of more than 40 recycled materials.[See all images] Automotive parts, vacuum cleaners, cosmetics boxes ... Dyson's vacuum cleaner who went to Robotadia, a restaurant where more than 40 robots were greeted by recycled materials.Some robots and robots are made of cars and motorcycles.The replica of "Iron Man" made from recycling materials is on sale for about 4,000 pounds (about 600,000 yen).The restaurant "Robotazia" has more than 40 robots -Some co -founders, Mark Swannel, and Joy Gittens, some of the UK.Some have collected.When you enter the store, a variety of robots of various shapes and sizes are arranged here and there, and four talk robots carry cooking to the customer's table.When I sat on the table, the robot, "Sparky", approached to greet.Swanel said that Sparky was a robot he made from metal and plastic scraps.Swanel revealed that Optimus Prime, which was made of cars and motorcycles, was a robot standing outside a store in London before coming to Robotadia.Iron Man stands near the door.In Robotadia, Swanel said that the replica made of recycled material is on sale for about 4000 pounds (about 600,000 yen).Co -owner Joy Gittens told Insider that about 800 Eve Saint Laurent cosmetics boxes were collected to make robot "YSLABELLE".It was Swanel who made an Islabel.Mike Dyson is all made from recycled Dyson vacuum cleaners.It is the largest robot in Robotadia, 3 meters high.After Mike Dyson was assembled, Swanel painted red and brown.I thought it was the most amazing robot in the store.The Adam 1971 (Adam 1971), made from recycling waste, created an atmosphere like Star Wars.It is a robot that is 147 cm high and 15 kg in weight, which is small in Robotadia."A55A51N" is slightly similar to Adam 1971.It is made of recycled mannequin and other surplus metal parts."Tagan" is a large category in Robotadia.It is made of various recycled materials such as vacuum cleaners and automotive parts.This robot, like a transformer, is called "Audibot" and is mainly made of electric cars for children.High -pressure washing machines, bicycles, and engine parts are also used.The "tronic" found by Gittens and Swanel was in a certain factory.The tronic not only changes the direction of the head and body, but also shines the eyes when the switch is turned on.If you're a fan of the TV drama Doctor Foo, you might like "Dalek" in Robotadia.Robotadia has a robot in charge of hand disinfectants.This robot is also made of metal scraps and springs.[Original sentence: Robots Inside This Sci-Fi Restaurant Are OF Recycled Car Parts, Vacuums, and Makeup Boxes ─ You can Even TAKE ONE HOME FOR $ 5,300]

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 自動車部品、掃除機、化粧品の箱… リサイクル材で作られた40体以上のロボットが出迎えてくれるレストラン「ロボタジア」に行ってみた