[Amazon's first sale] What do you buy on the last day of the sale?Publish products that were popular in 3 days

Iris Ohyama pleated mask

The first big sale "Amazon's first sale" in 2022 is the last day on the 6th.From January 3rd to January 5th, the third day of the sale, we will announce the popular products from Netorabo readers.[See the first sale information together]

 【Amazon 初売り】セール最終日は何を買う? 3日間で人気があった商品を公開

Iris Ohyama non -woven mask

The best selling for three days is an Iris Ohyama non -woven mask.The "Disposable Mask" is usually small, small, for schoolchildren, and a variety of sizes, and costs 12 yen per piece for a special time sale (in the case of normal 126 sheets).Limited Iris Ohyama pleated masks and pink beige of "Blood Mask" are also popular.

High -cost performance microSD

Nintendo Switch's operation has been confirmed to be Sandisk, Samsung, Buffalo, Kingston, etc.128GB, which can be purchased for less than 2000 yen for each manufacturer, was popular.You can play about 8 download software of Switch at 128GB.

HIKOKI codeless cleaner

Weight 1.The 1kg lightweight and small hikoki (high cork/former Hitachi Koki) codeless cleaner is on sale for 9999 yen.It is one of the most popular units of disposal of garbage and easy care.In the case of the type name R12DA (ESW), the suggested retail price of the manufacturer is 21,560 yen, but the special time sale is less than half the price.Limited black in different colors is sold for 9920 yen per sale.