More than half of half feel that the hygiene in the home has increased due to the corona evil, but less than 30 % of the people who disinfect the floor every day! ~ Surprising blind spot, easily wiping the floor with steam mop and disinfecting-

In this questionnaire, 65.2 % of the people who say they plan to clean the year -end cleaning this year tends to do this year's general cleaning, and the year -end cleaning is a tradition of this year. It turns out that it has been established. Also, when asked about the hygiene awareness in the home, about half of them seemed to have increased their hygiene in the home due to the corona evil, and those who have been removing the floor every day despite the increase in bacteria. It turned out that less than 30 %, the floor was a blind spot as a sterilization place in the home. This year, we will propose wiping and eradication of the floor with a steam mop that is active in cleaning. [Awareness of consumer cleaning in 2021] Approximately 70 % of those who answered that they will always clean the year -end cleaning this year For those who will always clean this year. 65.2 % and about 70 % tend to clean up the year, and it can be seen that the year -end cleaning at the end of the year has been established as a Japanese tradition. [About hygiene awareness of corona and eradication of bacteria] More than half of the Corona evil answered that hygiene awareness at home increased. In addition, while some people usually remove bacteria, about half of the people who answered that the number of bacteria has increased due to corona evil! Questionnaire about hygiene in the corona evil revealed that more than half of the number of people who answered that the carona had increased their hygiene in home is 52.3 %. In addition, about 50 % of the respondents said that the number of eradication of the house has actually increased due to the corona evil, while some people have had a bactericidal habit before Corona, while the corona evils have hygiene in home. It turned out that many people have increased and have increased bacteria. Toilet is the first place in the house that is most eradicated in the house. On the other hand, the floor ranks 3rd place as a difficult place to remove bacteria, and less than 30 % of the people are removing the floor every day! Disinfection, disinfection around the body, which is said to be effective as a corona countermeasure at home, but a questionnaire questionnaire in the home is 59.0 % toilets, and next. The result was a dining table and kitchen. Next, the questions in a place where it is difficult to remove bacteria in the house is 22.2 % of those who answered "floor", which were sixth in Q4, ranked third. Therefore, if the person who answered the floor in Q4 asks the frequency of disinfection on the floor, less than 30 % of the people who are removing the bacteria every day are blind spots in the home eradication place. It turned out. Regarding the floor cleaning and disinfecting consciousness Regarding the wiping and eradication of the floor, about 90 % of the respondents answered that it would be convenient to disinfect while wiping the floor, and about 80 % He said he would like to clean and remove the floor without using a chemical product if possible. The psychology of consumer who wants to clean and remove the floor is convenient and environmentally friendly. ■ Survey Outline Survey Property: Karcher Japan Co., Ltd. Survey target: 1,000 men and women in their 20s and 60s: WEB questionnaire survey time: 2021 (Friday) -Apri (Sat) [Everyday) Karcher's SC Upright is recommended for disinfecting habits! ] The home steam mop "SC Upright /SC Upright Premium" released on October 26, 2021 is the perfect product for wiping and eliminating the floor every day. 99.99%of ordinary household bacteria and viruses can be disinfected with a high -temperature sphere of about 100 ° C. In addition, it can be used easily because it can be used with one hand. SC Upright / SC Upright Premium Three Features < / u> A high -temperature sphere of about 100 ° C. While disinfecting the floor while removing the floor, the floors that can be wiped and cleaning the floor and the floor that cannot be removed with the floors that can not be removed with a multi -use vacuum cleaner or flooring wiper Wipe off the dirt firmly. Since water alone can be removed, it can be used with confidence in small children and homes with pets. Easy cleaning the narrow gaps! If you defeat the main unit to the left and right, the floor nozzle will enter under the furniture of about 6 cm, and you will be able to clean the furniture and gaps. There is nozzle in the narrow gap in the toilet, reaching the corner of the wall and the corner of the room, so there is no leftover. Slim and stylish smart design that is easy for women to use! I tried to reduce the weight and make the main body as much as possible. Stylish designs can be removed when you are worried, and you can quickly clean the floor when you are worried. Category: Home Steam Cleaner Model Name: SC Upright / SC Upright Premium Price: Open Price Release Date: 2021 (Tuesday) Sales Route: Home Center, Home Appliance Sales Store, online Store, etc. * 1 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare / Economic Industry Special page of the Ministry and Consumer Affairs Agency "About the method of disinfecting and disinfecting new colon viruses" https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seakunitsuite/bunya/syoudoku_00001.html survey. Sprinkling Karcher's steam cleaner for 30 seconds in the maximum amount of steam mode has shown that 99.999%of the virus is removed. Using Karcher's steam cleaner correctly, 99.99%of the bacteria of ordinary households can be disinfected. (Cleaning a hard surface on the surface) ≪Contact from ordinary customers≫ Karcher Japan Co., Ltd. Dial: 0120-60-3140E-mail: Contact@jp.kaercher.com 半数以上がコロナ禍で家庭内の衛生意識More than 30 % of the people who have sterilized the floor every day while feeling higher! ~ Surprising blind spots, easily wiping the floor with steam mop & sterilization -