Home appliances that have a new life for living alone -Iris Ohyama "BLACK LABEL" "WHITE LABEL"

Speaking of Iris Ohyama home appliances, the concept is "I want home appliances", such as a vacuum cleaner with a handy mop or a rice cooker with a weight meter.It has a reputation for ease of use and reasonable prices.

On the other hand, the name was not so much.Meanwhile, the home appliance series of "Black Label" and "White Label" was announced in February 2020.This series is a lineup of existing products (8 models) with a simple and unified design with two types of black and white.I visited Iris Ohyama and actually checked the product.

The BLACK WHITE label series is a home appliance series with a design that emphasizes a sense of unity.Black Label features a black base, copper point, and White Label is a white base and silver point.

Eight products are available: frozen refrigerator, fully automatic washing machine, stock cooked IH jar rice cooker, oven range, fully automatic coffee maker, electric kettle, steam oven toaster, and ultra -light weight stick cleaner.The refrigerator is a compact size suitable for living alone to living alone, such as 162L size and 16L warehouses.The difference between Black and White is basically only color design, but two products, a washing machine and a rice cooker, have different functions and specifications.

Let's look at each product.The first thing that caught my eye was "Non-Fron frozen frozen refrigerator IRSE-H16A-B (Black) and AF162-W (White)".Only black was on display.The contents of the storage are 100L for the refrigerator and 62L in the freezer (162L in total).The freezer is a three -stage drawer -type storage, making it easy to clean.

By the way, the price is different for this refrigerator, the reference price is 39,800 yen for black and 34,800 yen for white (all excluding tax).The reason is the difference in design processing.The white refrigerator, which was not on display, is a general refrigerator on the smooth surface, while the black is a chic texture with a glossy matte process with the entire front door.Furthermore, the side of the main unit has a fine wrinkle -shaped chibo processing like a leather product, and has a fairly high -quality feeling.

Next, "fully automatic washing machine IAW-T803BL (black) / IAW-T702 (white)".Here, the maximum washing capacity varies depending on the color, with black washing capacity 8 kg and white for white.The reference price is 49,800 yen for black and 44,800 yen for white.

一人・二人暮らしの新生活に色でそろえる家電 - アイリスオーヤマ「BLACK LABEL」「WHITE LABEL」

The full automatic washing machine of the Black / White label series is characterized by the "room drying" mode.If you drive in this mode, you will dehydrate for 60 minutes.As a result, the dehydration rate of clothes is increased by about 30 % over general dehydration.It seems that the room drying time is shortened, so unpleasant "room dried odor" is difficult.

Cooking appliances are IH rice cookers and oven range.The "brand cooked IH jar rice cooker BLC-IE30-B (black) and WLERC-IE30-W (White)" is available.The label series has a good cost -effective product that is easy to buy for a new life, but it is a good impression that the rice cooker is a higher cost than a microcomputer type and is "cooked deliciously".

However, the product specifications are slightly different with black and white cooking jar.Black supports "brand cooking", which adjusts the heating method according to 31 types of brands, but white does not have this function.The price varies depending on the color, and the BLRC-IE30-B (Black) is 11,800 yen for reference price, and the reference price is 9,980 yen for WLERC-IE30-W (White).

"Oven range BLMO-F1801-B (Black) / WLMO-F1801-W (White)" is the same specifications except for colors.It is an oven range with a 16L content.In each case, the reference price is 20,800 yen, but the microwave function can be adjusted in four steps from 200W to 900W.In addition, a 830W heater tube is placed on the upper part of the storehouse, so it is possible to cook grills and toast.

There are also useful home appliances for busy mornings, such as electric kettle, oven toasters and coffee makers.

"Electric Kettle BLIKE-D1000-B (Black) / WLIKE-D1000-W (White)" is a simple design with a 1L type of electric kettle.It is equipped with an empty firing prevention function that automatically cuts the heater when there is no water.The reference price is 3,980 yen for both products.

"Steam Oven Toaster BLSOT-011-B (Black) / WLSOT-011-W (White)" is equipped with a simple steam function, as the name suggests.It is said that the steam keeps the water inside the bread, and the outside toast is burned outside.The reference prices are all 4,980 yen.

"Fully automatic coffee maker BLIAC-A600-B (Black) and Liac-A600-W (White)" is a coffee maker that grinds beans with a propeller-type mill and automatically performs drip.The reference price is 8,980 yen even for fully automatic, which is quite cost -effective.Moreover, the filter has a metal mesh type, and there is no running cost such as paper filters.

"Extra-light-lighted stick cleaner BLIC-SLDC7-B (black) / WLIC-SLDC7-W (white)" is a fairly light cordless stick cleaner with a weight of 1.2 kg even if an extension pipe and floor head are attached.Because it is a collection of paper packs, garbage is not scattered or dust does not fly when throwing away the garbage.

One of the light reasons is that there is no built -in rotating brush inside the head.A "cyclone stream head" that creates a tornado -like airflow inside the head, winds up garbage and sucks.The reference price is 14,800 yen.