Chocolatepla's YouTube video is a topic on Twitter, "The best problem in history" chocolate plastic YouTube project is also hit again!"The best problem in history" This time is a rainy day?

Chocolate Planet (Shohei Nagata, Hayao Matsuo) YouTube channel "Chocolate Planet Channel" will be updated on the 5th.A project video became a hot topic and became a Twitter trend.

チョコプラのYouTube動画がTwitterで話題「史上最高に問題作」 チョコプラのYouTube企画がまたヒット!「史上最高に問題作」今度はまさかの“ド下ネタ”?

They uploaded "Chi ○ Konon [worst game]".It was a simple and stupid project, "Can you eat udon without laughing when you look at your partner?"As soon as it will be released, "Chi ○ Kodon" is in the trend on Twitter.As of 9 am on April 6, it exceeded 600,000 views.It is a tremendous growth while it has not yet been a whole day, and on Twitter and comment section, "I was the best laughing in the project so far" "Chi ○ Konon is too late in the century"I guess it's wwwwww. "

"Speaking of chocolate plastic videos," perfume/Eito MV reproduction (COVERED by Ei shoulder) "(3577 million views), which was uploaded about nine months ago and caused a large boom in the world, has become a hot topic.That's it. Basically, the entertainer's YouTube channel has a popular story video and it is easy to earn the number of views. Among them, chocolate plastic is also famous as a "fun channel" (entertainment writer).

​>>年末年始テレビ出演、昨年と大きく顔触れが変わった背景 第7世代のおかげでチョコプラらが台頭?<

The video was hit, and the event was ultimately adopted as a project on the TV program.In news programs, etc., the suspect before being arrested can be hidden and reflected, but they actually try it.The charges are determined while watching the VTR.This is a series, and the most popular first time exceeded 6.6 million times.In addition, "[Browse precautions] A vending machine at 23:00", which is sent by the full -length location control, is a plan for two people walk on a normal road that is completely indistinguishable.Chocopra behaves like a spiritual program and walks while fearing the stairs and graffiti.The editing also made many viewers laugh.