Akita Dog is a photo book!A special guest Rion (Rion Senpai) coming to the release event (Toyosu, Tokyo) will also participate!Corporate Release | Daily Industry Newspaper Electronic Version

Release issuance company: Kodansha Co., Ltd.

秋田犬が写真集に! 11/24発売イベント(東京・豊洲)にやって来る 特別ゲスト・莉音(りーめろ先輩)も参加決定! 企業リリース | 日刊工業新聞 電子版

Kodansha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Bunkyo -ku, Tokyo, hereafter Kodansha) published a photo book "Akita Inu Gon and Tiger Akita Ken, I want to Akita Ken" on November 17, 2018. On November 24, a release commemorative event will be held in LaLaport Toyosu (Koto -ku, Tokyo), where Gon and Tiger appearing in the photo book appear. In addition, as a special guest, Rion (Rion Senpai), a large dog lover who has two toy poodles, will also appear. Akita dog is the most popular animal right now. Above all, Akita dog's brother, Gon and a tiger, who is always the most cute figure that always snuggles up. Their photo book "Akita Inu Gon and Tiger Akita Ken" (Kodansha) (Kodansha) was released on November 17. Akita Dog Gon (Gonta) and Tiger (Torajiro) have been appointed on November 17 as the "Tourist Production Ambassador" in Yuzawa City, and on December 1st, "Yuzawa Station One Day Station Manager". It is also a top -class popular dog because it is also inauguration. On November 24 (Saturday), sales events will be held in Toyosu, Tokyo. At the event, only those who have purchased the photo book can choose one of the photography between Gon and Tiger 2. Gon, Tiger and Rion (Rion Senpai).・ Rion (Rion Senpai) Acquired the Grand Prix at the “Gravure Sunshine Audition” sponsored by Profile Avex. She later appeared as a model in many magazines, such as appearing on Nippon Television's "Nakai no Window" and Young Magazine and Friday. She is currently appearing on "Monster House", which is currently being broadcast on TBS "Wednesday Downtown". She is a model and talent, as she is a model and talent, as she won the Special Award for Judge at Miss ID2019. Currently, in proportion to the popularity of Akita dogs, Akita Prefecture has a facility that can interact with Akita dogs, making it popular for many visitors. However, considering the physical condition of Akita dog, I sometimes can't meet at the timing of visiting. If you want to actually see the size of Akita dog, the only large dog in the Japanese dog, and the hair of Mofumofu, why not go see Gon and Tiger at this event? [Event contents] Photo book "Akita Inu Gon and Tiger Akita Ken Nao Naya" Sales Sales Assembly & Buyer Bonus Photo Session [How to Participation] ... The photo book "Akita Inu Gon and Tiga ~" Reservation purchase meeting time at Bookstore LaLaport Toyosu store | We will inform you on a first -come, first -served basis from 10:30. * Please refrain from alignment before the meeting time. Inquiries | Kinokuniya Bookstore LaLaport Toyosu Store TEL: 03-3533-4361 (Opening hours 10: 00-21: 00) With the camera, smartphone, mobile phone (camera function), etc. of the camera, one, one, one, only once, the staff will shoot on your behalf. [Clear file is also present] ... Present to buyers (limited to 100 people)! We will give you at the same time as the photo book.イベント詳細は下記のサイト紀伊國屋書店ららぽーと豊洲店HPhttps://www.kinokuniya.co.jp/c/store/LaLaport-Toyosu-Store/20181109162420.htmlFRIDAYデジタルhttps://friday.kodansha.co.jp/article /21256 Corporate Press Release To PRTIMES Top


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