The fire of the burning of the building is also caused by a kotatsu.Correct usage

The Independent Administrative Organization Product Evaluation Technology Institute (NITE) has announced an accident case due to incorrect use of kotatsu.The following three main cases where a fire occurred.

[Case 1] The electric kotatsu kotatsu futon was burnt

It is thought that the futon contacts the heater protection cover and burns because the user pushed a kotatsu futon into the jagged so that the family with a disability could not stumble.The main unit and the instruction manual states that "the futon is not pushed into the yaga and used."


[Case 2] There was a fire that burns three buildings, and there was an electric kotatsu on the site.

It is considered that the heater unit that came off the electric kotatsu body was placed on the floors in the kotatsu, so that it came to the fire by contacting the surrounding combustions, such as a kotatsu futon.In addition, in the display of the electric kotatsu body, "I will never use a heater unit on the floor, etc.", and the instruction manual states that "not used by a heater unit alone. It may cause a fire".ing.

As mentioned above, nite is calling for not putting a heater unit on the floor or using it alone.

[Case 3] A fire that burns the power cord of the electric kotatsu in use and the surrounding area occurred.

Since the power cord of the electric kotatsu was not fixed with the legs, the power cord dropped from the cord fixing portion near the center center, and the user stepped on the power cord, and the cord was applied to the cord, and a half -line line was added.It is considered that the heat generated abnormally due to the fact that it has occurred.The instruction manual states that "the power cord is always fixed in two places.

According to NITE, if the power cord of the electric kotatsu is used without fixing it, the cord will be loaded, causing disconnection and shorts, causing fire and electric shock.It is always important to fix it according to the instruction manual.