What should I start with?Points that beginners should know before buying a house

See in data!Average value of households and budgets for households

The first thing you want to be aware of when buying a house is the timing and budget.Here, let's take a look at data on the acquisition of housing based on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Secretary Market Market Trend Survey Report".

Knowing the average level should make it easier to determine whether the timing of the purchase is fast or late, or if the budget is sufficient.

What is the average age when you get your own home?

The average age of the head of the household (primary acquisition) who acquired the home for the first time is shown in the table below.

Type of housing

Average age when acquiring the head of the household

Custom -built house *

38.9 years old

Built -in housing


Newly built apartment

39.3 years old

Used detached house


Second -hand apartment


* Excluding rebuilding

In this way, new houses are in their late 30s, and in secondary houses, in their early 40s.From this result, it is thought that the mortgage repayment period has a significant impact on age.

In general mortgages, the maximum repayment period is 35 years, and in the case of housing market trends, the following results are shown:

Type of housing

Average repayment period

Custom -built house (building only)

32.4 years

Custom -built house (including land purchase)

34.2 years

Built -in housing

31.0 years

Newly built apartment

31.One year

Used detached house

27.2 years

Second -hand apartment

25.3 years


マイホームのAverage purchase fundはどのくらい?

Next, let's take a closer look at the average funding for housing.

Type of housing

Average purchase fund

Custom -built house

4606 million yen

Built -in housing

38.26 million yen

Newly built apartment

46.39 million yen

Used detached house

28.94 million yen

Second -hand apartment

22.63 million yen

From the results above, it can be seen that the purchase fund is about 10 million yen for new construction and used.Although the data is average, it is necessary to estimate a budget of about 30 to 40 million yen when considering a new construction.

What does it mean to get your own home?Difference between rental and home

When considering purchasing your own home, it is important to correctly understand what it means to acquire a home in the first place.Here, let's take a look at the benefits and precautions of acquiring your own home while comparing the differences from rental properties.

Advantages and disadvantages of acquiring your own home

The biggest advantage of acquiring your own home is that if you pay off your mortgage, you will become your own assets.After the loan payment is over, the burden on housing expenses will be greatly reduced, so there are many cases where you purchase after retirement.

Also, unlike rentals, the high degree of freedom of layout and equipment is also a great attraction.Even in apartments like apartments, interior renovation can be performed freely, so it is considered an important difference from rental.

On the other hand, it is not possible to relocate like a rental property, so it is necessary to carefully consider the change in the life plan.In addition, when a mortgage loan, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to respond to the risk of decreasing income because repayment takes a long period of time.

In particular, care must be taken because a full loan without a down payment or a plan that assumes bonus payment is difficult to repay.Be aware of making a spacious repayment plan for various risks.

Is "the same amount as rent" dangerous?How to set the monthly repayment amount

When considering the mortgage borrowing amount, it is a good idea to simulate how much you can repay every month.At this time, the risk of "set the same amount as rent" is the risk.

This is because, unlike the rental property, the owners are incurred for property taxes and repair costs.If you use a floating mortgage type mortgage, you need to look at the risk that interest rates will rise on the way.

Therefore, it is important to set the repayment amount slightly lower than the rent.Generally, the reasonable repayment plan is said to be "the percentage of annual repayments (repayment burden) of 25 % or less for annual income".

In other words, the monthly repayment amount is that one is less than 1/48 of the annual income.For example, if the annual income is 4.8 million yen, it will be up to 100,000 yen per month.First, set a reasonable repayment amount and decide a real budget from there.

apartmentを探すdetached houseを探す無料でアドバイザーに相談する

「detached houseorapartment」と「Custom -built houseorBuilt -in housing」の特徴を比較

マイホーム選びで最初に迷ってしまうポイントとなるのが、住まいのタイプやプランです。ここでは、住まい探しの第一歩となる「detached houseとapartmentの違い」「Custom -built houseとBuilt -in housingの違い」の2点について詳しく解説します。

detached houseとapartmentの違い

When comparing the differences between detached houses and condominiums, look at two points, "living comfort" and "financial burden".The main differences between the two are shown in the table below.

detached house


Floor plan and size

・ You can choose freely

・ High independence of each room

・ Low degree of freedom of selection

・ The life movable line is united in one floor


・ You can freely select what you need





Sunny / ventilated

・ Free arrangement of windows is possible

・ High lighting and ventilation can be expected

・ If it is a high floor, it is sunny and ventilated

・ High airtightness

Convenience of transportation

・ Mainly a quiet residential area

・ Easy to use private cars

・ There are many good locations near the station

・ It is somewhat inconvenient to use private cars

Remodeling maintenance

・ High degree of freedom

・ Self -management is required

・ There are many restrictions

・ Management costs and repair reserve costs are required

一般的に、「より高い自由度」「広さ」を求める場合はdetached house、「便利な立地」「Security・管理体制」を求める場合はapartmentが適しているといえます。どちらがいいかは居住者の価値観によって大きく異なるため、家族ともしっかりと話し合いながら慎重に検討しましょう。

Custom -built houseとBuilt -in housingの違い

detached houseを購入する場合は、土地選びを含めてゼロの状態から住宅を設計していく「Custom -built house」と、土地と建物をセットで購入する「Built -in housing」の2つの選択肢があります。Custom -built houseは、予算の許す範囲内であれば、こだわりを反映させられる点が大きなメリットです。

一方、決めなければならない項目が多岐にわたるため、打ち合わせや設計には多くの時間がかかってしまいます。その点、Built -in housingはあらかじめ設計が行われているため、スムーズに購入できるところがメリットです。

また、Built -in housingでは建材の一括購入や工程の規格化などにより、住宅性能を損なわないまま効率よくコスト削減が追求されているケースも少なくありません。そのため、Custom -built houseと比べると、予算を抑えやすいといった特徴もあります。

なお、Custom -built houseのなかには、ほとんどの項目を自由に決める「フルオーダータイプ」と、決められたプランや仕様から自由にセレクトして組み合わせる「セミオーダータイプ」(規格住宅)があります。セミオーダータイプは、自由度・予算の面でCustom -built houseとBuilt -in housingの中間に位置する特徴を持っているので、選択肢の1つとして目を向けてみるといいでしょう。

Points of location selection

Choosing a location is also an important point for purchasing your own home.Since the location is also an item that varies greatly from person to person, it is important to talk with your family in advance.

Here, we will introduce items that are likely to become a criterion for determining the location.

立地に関する5つのJudgment criteria

When deciding on a location, the following items are the criteria.

Judgment criteria

Personal circumstances include "distance from each couple's parents' home", "school district", and "distance from hospitals that can treat chronic disease".These items are particularly affected by individual values, so it is necessary to carefully summarize their own opinions.

The location is a factor that has a great impact on the budget, so if you consider purchasing your own home, set up a place to talk as soon as possible.

apartmentを探すdetached houseを探す無料でアドバイザーに相談する

The mechanism and characteristics of the "home window" that can consult with the advisor for free

When considering purchasing your own home, it is also effective to consult an expert early.Rather than worrying about this, you can make a plan smoothly by receiving advice that suits the actual situation.

LIFULL HOME'S's "Housing Counter" has a housing advisor with specialized knowledge about housing.I will explain in detail what I can do.

What you can do at the "window of home" and features

At the window of the house, advisors with specialized knowledge are accepting consultations on general themes about "searching for houses and building a house".You can get detailed advice on a wide range of fields, such as "Real Estate Company Selection" and "Mortgage Loan / Budget", including "the flow and precautions of the house search and house building".

One of the major features of the house of the house is "support from a neutral standpoint."Since the window of the house is not a real estate company, it is not biased toward a specific company or property, and always gives advice from an objective standpoint.

何から始めるべき? 初心者が家を買う前に知っておきたいポイント

In addition, we provide free individual courses under the supervision of experts for those who want to collect information in advance.It is a mechanism that allows you to select the one that suits you from 15 kinds of themes and take the course online.

Frequently Asked Questions of "House of House"

The window of the house can be used even when the specific plan has not been decided.However, when you use it for the first time, you will feel anxious.

Finally, we will introduce some of the frequently asked questions at the desk of home, related to the content that is easy to feel uneasy during consultation.


A: You can consult.You can also consult with those who have not decided how to live or what kind of house to live.


A: We recommend that all people who live together as much as possible to clarify and arrange each ideal life.


A: No pre -preparation or knowledge is required.


apartmentを探すdetached houseを探す無料でアドバイザーに相談する