Google Assistant 10 features useful for the year-end and New Year holiday season-Keitai Watch

 Google has introduced on its official blog how to use the AI ​​assistant "Google Assistant" for the New Year holidays and Thanksgiving holidays.

 Saying "Ok Google, find Thanksgiving recipes" will bring up recipes suitable for Thanksgiving parties. You can save your favorite recipes to "My Recipes" by tapping on the smart display, and select the displayed recipe by saying "OK Google, show me my recipes" or "OK ​​Google, show me the saved recipes". , cooking instructions are displayed on the smart display.

 When the food is ready, you can say "OK Google, broadcast 'The rice is ready'" and you can send a message to all Google Assistant-equipped speakers in your home via smart speakers throughout the house with your own voice.

 Say "Ok Google, play Christmas music" and YouTube Music will play Christmas tunes. Also, on Android smartphones, certain shopping apps such as Walmart in the US can be controlled by voice. As an example, you can search for a bike in the Walmart app by calling "Find a bike at Walmart".

年末年始のホリデーシーズンに役立つ、Googleアシスタント10の機能 - ケータイ Watch

 In the United States, when calling a customer center using a Pixel smartphone, the "Hold For Me" function allows Google Assistant to wait for a response on behalf of the user who made the call while waiting for the person in charge to connect. Google Assistant will notify you when you are connected to the person in charge.

 NestHub Max supports group calls with Google Duo with up to 32 participants. To start a Duo call on your Google Assistant-equipped device, say "Hey Google, start a video call."

 With the "Family Bell" function, smart displays and smart speakers can play fun music at important times to let everyone in the family know when it's time to leave or have dinner.

 You can play a game that you can play with your family by saying "Ok Google, let's play a game". In Japan, crystal ball games such as Lucky Trivia, Pikachu Talk, and Let's Play with Mickey are offered.

 In addition, we have added a new interactive story with an arrangement of the Grimm fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel". You can start the story from either Hansel and Gretel's point of view or the witch's point of view and decide how the story unfolds.

 In addition to Hansel and Gretel, stories such as "The Jungle Book," "Alice in Wonderland," and "Sherlock Holmes" will be available throughout the year.