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Google Assistant is an assistant AI that can be used on Android smartphones. Due to the influence of TV commercials, many people may think that they can't start up unless they say "OK Google".

Actually, there are other ways to activate the Google Assistant.

How to Launch Google Assistant

Let's see how to launch Google Assistant. The terminal used for the explanation is Galaxy S20 (Android 11), but you should be able to start Google Assistant with almost the same operation on other Android smartphones.

"Ok Google"! Start Google Assistant with your voice

First, start with how to start Google Assistant with your voice. However, the method is very easy, just say "OK Google" to your Android smartphone with Google Assistant enabled.

When you say "OK Google", the smartphone will make a "picon" sound or react by vibrating a little, so you can continue to say "Tell me today's weather" or "Play music from XX". ” and so on.

It should be able to play the weather and appropriate music in response to your commands.

What if Google Assistant doesn't respond to my voice?

There are several possible reasons why your Google Assistant is not responding with your voice.

First, make sure that the Bluetooth earphones that support AI assistant are connected to your smartphone. And make sure your Bluetooth earphones are within hearing distance.

If there is a new version of the software available, try updating it. You may also be able to fix it by restarting your phone.

You cannot activate Google Assistant by voice while you are on the phone. Hang up and try again.

If Google Assistant's "Voice Match" is turned off, Google Assistant will not respond to your voice. Try turning on Voice Match using the steps below, then try again.

Not just

1: Launch the Settings app. 2: Tap "Google". 3: Select "Account Service".

4: Tap Search, Assistant & Voice. 5: Tap "Voice".

6: Tap "Voice Match". 7: Enable "Ok Google" and register the voice model.

Press and hold the home button to activate Google Assistant!

"I want to use Google Assistant! But it's hard to speak..." In such a case, try pressing and holding the home button on your Android smartphone with Google Assistant enabled.

Press and hold the home button as shown in the picture above to launch Google Assistant. If you want to use the Google Assistant in places where it is difficult to speak, such as on the train or in the library, it is a good idea to remember this method.

What if the Google Assistant doesn't start when I press and hold the home button?

Try restarting your smartphone once. Also, if the home screen is dirty, the response may be slow. Wipe the screen clean and try again.

If Google Assistant still does not respond, follow the steps below to check if Google Assistant is set as the "default assistant app".

1: Open the Settings app. 2: Tap "Apps". 3: Tap "Select Standard App".

4: Tap "Digital Assistant App". 5: Select "Device Assistance App". 6: Confirm that "Google" is checked. If not, please check it.

If you don't want to use it... how to disable Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a very useful AI assistant, but some people may not want to use it. Here's how to disable Google Assistant.

1: Launch the "Settings App". 2: Select "Apps". 3: Tap "Select standard application".

4: Tap "Digital Assistant App". 5: Tap "Device Assistance App". 6: Check "None".

The above operations disable Google Assistant. Try pressing and holding the home button. it should not start,

How to prevent Google Assistant from responding to your voice

If you use Google Assistant but want it not to respond to voice, try disabling "Voice Match" only. let's Here are the steps:

1: Launch the "Settings App". 2: Select "Google". 3: Tap "Account Services".

4: Select "Search, Assistant and Voice". 5: Tap "Voice".

6: Select "Voice Match". 7: Disable "Ok Google" and you're done.

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Written by Akira Takamizawa