The developer of the game "DOOM" opposes the name of the metal band.Why is it?

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Dustin Mitchell was inspired by an unexpected article while reading local news.Trademark registration in the pi -percentage "π": Deletion request article reported online shops that a woman who believes in "Qanon", which advocates politics conspiracy theoryIt was a case where the mask display shelf was broken down at the store.The woman said, "I was just" doome scrolling "about the reason for such an act.In other words, he confessed that he had repeatedly performed the act called "Doom Scroll", which read only the news of pessimistic content in social media.After reading this article, Mitchell was pinched.He, a guitarist in a metal band in Dallas, Texas, thought, "This is the perfect name for a band.""Okay, let's adopt this name." A 38 -year -old Mitchell, who usually works as an Amazon employee, says he never spends his doom scrolling.I don't usually touch the Internet, and sometimes local news is checked on public broadcasting national public radio (NPR), but Twitter and Reddit are only used to check new equipment.Mitchell, who was inspired by the idea of "Doom Scroll", has finally begun to start a new progressive slash metal band.To determine the name of the band, he applied for the first DOOMSCROLL trademark to the US Patent Trade Agency (USPTO) in February this year.A few months later, the USPTO sent an email saying, "Trademarks are approved within 30 days and given later."At that time, the name "Doom Scroll" was protected, and only Mitchell could be used as assets for band names and entertainment.Someday, Doom Scrolls will be a band that shakes people's hearts.Mitchell dreamed of the day and said, "www.facebook.COM/DOOMSCROLL "was registered.


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