Opti Mind Co., Ltd., which provides the route optimization system "LOOGIA", has opened a new office in Tokyo with business expansion, strengthening its adoption in Kanto.

ルート最適化システム「Loogia(ルージア)」を提供するOpti Mind Co., Ltd.、...

Opti Mind Co., Ltd.

Opti Mind Co., Ltd.(本社:名古屋市)は、事業拡大による採用強化に伴い、東京の拠点となる新オフィス(東京都千代田区)を2021年1月に開設いたしました。

H1O Kanda

[Background of opening Tokyo office]

With the vision of "optimize the world's last one mile", we are developing Vertical SaaS for optimizing the delivery route of Last One Mile Logistics.

In recent years, the issues in the logistics industry have become serious due to the expansion of the use of EC sites.As a result, the demand for our route optimization system "LOOGIA" has increased, and since the release in 2019, more than 100 companies have introduced companies.

This time, a new base has been established in Tokyo with an anticipation of strengthening personnel due to further expansion of needs.

In the future, this office will be the base of the Kanto area, and will be strengthened in the Kanto area while responding to various ways of working, such as remote work.

Please give us your feelings of relocation celebration.

ルート最適化システム「Loogia(ルージア)」を提供する Opti Mind Co., Ltd.、事業拡大に伴い 東京に新オフィスを開設、関東での採用を強化

[Tokyo Office Overview]

所在地:〒101-0042 東京都千代田区神田東松下町41-1 H1O Kanda

* I would like to decline for celebration flowers, etc.

【Opti Mind Co., Ltd.について】

Founded in 2015 as a venture from Nagoya University.Develop and provide the route optimization system "LOOGIA".In 2019, the Toyo Keizai Shinpo's "Awesome Venture 100" and "FORBES 30 UNDER 30 ASIA" selected for entrepreneurs under the age of 30, who changed the world announced by FORBES ASIA in 2020, in 2020.。

The company has been raising 1,113 million yen from Toyota Motor and Mitsubishi Corporation.

【Company Profile】

商号 : Opti Mind Co., Ltd.

Representative: Ken Ken Matsushita

Location: 2-11 Sakae, Naka -ku, Nagoya -shi, Aichi Central Building 9F

Established: June 2015

URL: https: // recruit.Optimind.tech/


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