NEAR will expand US footprint by acquiring the data -in -site platform UM (formerly Ubermedia).

Near (Headquarters: Singapore, Founder and CEO: Anil Matthews), the world's largest intelligence source in the world and location, is April 28, UM (former UM (Headquarters: Headquarters: California, California, California, Headquarters: CaliforniaIt has announced that it will acquire the highest executive officer (CEO): Gradis Kong).

Near acquires UM (formerly Uber Media)

With UM strategic acquisitions, NEAR enhances the portfolio of data products and further strengthen the status as an intelligent leading provider for people and places.

UM is a major provider that provides data -in sites and analysis solutions to Fortune 100 and 500 organizations, large -scale research companies, universities, etc.The company's innovative technology platform, Vista, specializes in large -scale datasets, cleansing, and context, providing information necessary for more timely, accurate and strategic business decisions.increase.Customers include Rand Corporation, the Hawaiian Tourism Bureau, the University of Colombia, and Yale University.

"Investing in UMs and extremely concentration on data science has made a pioneer that brings out powerful insights from mobile signals. The product and leadership fully complements Near's best class data intelligence platforms.And our combinations make it easier for customers to obtain important insight from data, dramatically improves business management and strategic decision -making. I'm excited to officially welcome UMs to the NEAR family.We are looking forward to continuous growth in the US market, "said NEAR's founder and CEO Anil Matthews.

With the addition of the power of UM, Near and UM combine data intelligence and analysis expertise so that customers can access the insights needed to promote digital transformation initiatives.The two companies grew significantly in 2020 under difficult situations brought by COVID-19 pandemic.

UM will be Near Americas, headquartered in Pasadena, California.UM's Gladis Kong's highest executive (CEO) will join the Near executive team as a CEO of Near Americas.

Nearはデータインサイトプラットフォームである UM(旧UberMedia)の買収により、 米国のフットプリントを拡大します。

UM's CEO, CEO, states:

"We knew that we knew that the day would come to find a company that would be the best company to expand technology and reach a wider range of audiences, and we found it in Near.The focus was to be able to access data to accelerate all sector digital transformations, and I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved.I am happy to be able to start the chapter. I am looking forward to the further success with a new partner. "

NEAR's CEO Anil Matthews (male) and UM CEO Gradis Kong (female)

[About Near]

NEAR is the world's largest intelligence source in terms of people and locations, processing more than 1.6 billion monthly users in 44 countries.Near Platform enhances the provision of data -driven marketing and enrichments through a series of SaaS products.Platform users can use data such as audience, space, retail, etc. in privacy -led environment.NEAR, founded in 2012, is headquartered in Singapore and has an office in San Francisco, New York, London, Bangaloll, Tokyo and Sydney.

Currently, Marquis brands such as NEWS CORP and MasterCard are working with NEAR to improve their customer experience.Near is supported by major investors such as SEQUOIA CAPITAL, JP Morgan Private Equity Group, Cisco Investment, TelStra Ventures, Global Brain, and Greater Pacific Capital.

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UM is a major provider of data -in sites and analysis solutions.The company based in Pasadena, California, is not only for 100 companies and Fortune 500 companies, but also for large -scale research companies, universities, and the Tourism Bureau to make more timely and more accurate and efficient business decisions.I am supporting.

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