Iris Oyama, who continues to advance, asks the director of the home appliance development department How to make "I want home appliances": Home appliance maker evolution theory

 Speaking of Iris Ohyama home appliances, in addition to simple functions and reasonable prices, for example, "rice cooker that can calculate calories" and "stick cleaner with electrostatic mop", "Stick cleaner with electrostatic mop", "Stick cleaner with static mop".The characteristic is "home appliances."

 Indeed, home appliances are mostly the bestsellers and are accepted by consumers.Where does the idea of "I see" functions that don't come out of other companies come from?We spoke with Mr. Hidetsu Hara Hara, General Manager of the Executive Officer, which summarizes the Iris Ohyama Home Appliance Development Department.


アイリスオーヤマ 執行役員 家電開発部部長 原英克氏。1999年入社。樹脂性の園芸用品や収納用品などの開発に携わり、2014年より家電開発部家電設計課マネージャー、18年に執行役員 家電開発部部長に就任

Home appliances manufacturing started in response to requests from home centers

―― Speaking of Iris Ohyama, it was a plastic household goods manufacturer such as storage furniture and pet supplies.When did you enter the home appliance field?

 Iris Ohyama has the image of "newcomers as a home appliance manufacturer", but since early 2000, electric commercial equipment such as shredders has been developed in -house.After that, we started selling home appliances in 2005.

 At that time, we provided products that had been requested by home improvement stores that had sold our plastic products, and manufactured and sold small toasters, rice cookers, and hybrid humidifiers.It was the launch of LED bulbs in 2009 that we started to focus on developing home appliances.For that reason, it is often said that we entered the home appliance genre in 2009.From the time of the development and manufacturing of this LED, we began to develop and develop our unique ideas, and the sales of home appliances grew at a stretch.