[Home appliances] The timing of replacement is also introduced when the "model change time" is aimed at the time of the negotiations.

Introducing negotiations points, etc.

【家電製品】買い替えのタイミングは「モデルチェンジ時期」が狙い時 Introducing negotiations points, etc.

Home appliances are now indispensable for our lives.Depending on the type, all of which household appliances are not cheap, so if you buy a new one, most people will carefully identify not only the performance and the manufacturer but also the amount.Purchasing a molded product online is also there, and what you want to know is when buying home appliances.Many people tend to think that the financial results and New Year's sale, which are carried out twice a year by consumer electronics retailers, are the best buying, but in fact they may be cheaper than that.Expensive home appliances are a place where you want to buy a little cheaper for the price close to the bottom price.This time, I will introduce the timing when home appliances can be purchased at a discount.If you are considering buying a new home appliance, please take a look.

When aiming for the model change timing that is not less than half the fixed price

The timing of cheaper home appliances is broadly divided into five.・ Financial accounts conducted twice a year by consumer electronics retailers ・ New Year's sale at the beginning of the year ・ Bonus time, ・ It is easy to buy a bargain price around March, when moving more in new life.One of these timings that cannot be overlooked is the model change period that is performed once a year.In general, many home appliances are released in a year -old cycle, but just one to two months before the latest home appliances are released, they judge the store stock of the old model.The price tends to be cheaper.It is not rare that the price is sold at less than half the price of the list price.Therefore, if there is a home appliance that is considering replacement, we recommend that you understand the timing of this model.Although it differs slightly depending on the dealer, the guideline for when the molded household appliances become cheaper are as follows.The higher the original value of home appliances, the higher the discount rate, so you want to check the above mold fall.Furthermore, this model change period is the target of home appliances that are suffering from the settlement period and other sales times, especially in the year.As for the performance, some parts are inferior to the new model, but in the long run, the new model will also be a molded household appliances the following year.And the performance does not change so much in one year.Considering that point, unless you have a considerable commitment, you will be able to use the molded household appliances satisfactorily.