Tips for growth learning from five overseas EC -related unicorn companies that make a breakthrough of Corona evil

Overseas, in 2021, a large amount of VC (venture capital) investment funded, and many unicorn companies were born.In this article, we focus on the EC field where EC representatives are interested and interested.Transcosmos, a person in charge of digital business development surveys in Silicon Valley, introduces the trend of VC investment in the United States, and the specific e -commerce unicorn companies that attracted attention in 2021.

Unicorn company that is born in a tailwind of Corona

From 2020 to 2021, new colonavirus infections have rampaged worldwide, and some companies have been hit by the number of companies that have been hit, mainly in food and drink, travel and leisure industry, but have been tailored to the influence of corona.I have.

Overseas, there are many emerging companies that make a huge amount of money and make a breakthrough as a unicorn company (unpoppy of $ 1 billion in corporate value).

According to the U.S. research company CB Insights, the amount of VC funding in the entire global in the second quarter of 2021 was $ 156.2 billion (about 17 trillion yen) 157%year -on -year, the highest in the past 10 years.Record.

The number of emerging unicorn companies has increased to 136 companies alone in the quarter, which is more than 128 in 2020.Of these, more than half of the 76 companies are born from the United States.

There are various types of unicorn companies, but in addition to ECs, there are many companies in fields such as Fintech, Digital Health, Cyber Security, and AI.

The fact that emerging unicorn companies have been able to gather a lot of funds for Corona's evil is a sign of future growth expectations, and it is likely that there will be many learning tips for business growth.

In 2021, we picked up five companies related to EC from among overseas startup companies that joined unicorn companies.

Back Market: Smartphone/Tablet Play Market Place from France

It is a company that operates a refurbish rehabilitation product (manufacturer recycled product) marketplace such as smartphone, tablet and computer in France.Founded in 2014, the headquarters is in Paris, France.

Using "Sustainability (Sustainability)" at the core of the business, the recent global SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) tailored to $ 3.2 billion in May 2021, with a tailwind.Corporate $ 335 million is collected by the company's valuation.

Referbish regeneration products are the key to the business of the product.Back Market has a unique quality guideline to ensure quality.In addition to requesting the registered seller to meet the guidelines, it is not possible to sell 5 or more points a day for the first 40 days.The feature is that it is building a shopping environment where buyers can purchase with confidence, such as the money -back guarantee.

Started in Japan in 2021.Currently, it is operating in 13 countries, mainly in the United States and Europe (USA, France, Germany, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Irish, Japan).

WEEE!: American Asian/Hispanic Ingredients Delivery Service

It is a company that provides American Asian/Hispanic online food delivery services.Founded in 2015, the headquarters is Freemont, California, USA.

In the United States, online delivery services using major supermarket chains are progressing, but the Asian and Hispanic ingredients sold in these supermarkets are extremely limited and the number of items is small.

Because of the immigration country, there are many specialty stores in each region, such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Hispanic, and local Asian and Hispanic people specialize in ingredients in each country.It is common to buy at the store.


However, each specialty store is small, and services such as online delivery are not yet substantial.It was Weee!

As of 2019, about 23 million Asian Americans and about 60.5 million Hispanic Americans.It is expected that the number will increase more than white population.

Despite the niche market, the market growth is high, and the funding in March 2021 has collected $ 315 million for $ 2.8 billion.

MeeSho: Indian social commerce

MeeSho is a company that offers an Indian social commerce platform and has invested in Facebook.He is from his 2016 accelerator program in the seed accelerator Y Combinator, who has produced many promising startups.Established in 2015, headquarters is Bangalor, India.

India is in economic development, and there are still many private stores and support the economy.However, each individual has poor financial power, and there is a hurdle to open a market like Amazon.

Meesho offers an online marketplace that sells products on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, which does not cost store expenses.

What is characteristic is that "resellers" such as influencers sell their own margins and provide an online "resale" marketplace that can be sold in social media.。

Opening a store in MEESHO is basically free.It is a business model that receives a 10-20%commission based on the delivery of the traded product.Women are the main target, and products are sold with apparel fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry, such as ethnic costumes.

With the financing in April 2021, the SoftBank Group and others have collected $ 300 million with a $ 2.1 billion company valuation.

Misfits Market: American non -standard crop EC

It is a company that sells online organic crops from American standards.Established in 2018, the headquarters is Pensu Ken, New Jersey, USA.

It provides a service that sells fresh organic crops that cannot be wholesaled to supermarkets and other retailers, selling online at about 40 % from the market.We handle not only fresh foods such as vegetables, but also surplus stocks and labeling mistakes of food companies.

As of April 2021, the number of users was 400,000, and in 2020 it was five times the growth from the previous year, and annual sales seem to exceed $ 100 million.The current service provision area is mainly on the east coast of the United States, and will be gradually expanded to other areas.

Reducing food waste is the core of the business, and it is also evaluated from sustainability, and in April 2021, it has collected $ 200 million for $ 1.1 billion.

CAMEO: American Celebrities Video Message Marketplace

A company that provides a video message marketplace that connects celebrities and fans.Established in 2017, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Providing a marketplace that allows celebrities in each field, such as actors, talent, athletes, musicians, and creators, can request personal video messages, such as surprises.The fare is that celebrities can freely set between $ 1 and $ 1500 (generally $ 50 to $ 300 per bottle), CAMEO receives 25%commission, and the remaining 75%are paid to celebrities.

Specifically, when the user requests, the request is sent with 250 characters as payment.The celebrity recorded the reader's script and uploaded the video.Users can download and browse the video.

Due to the influence of the new colonavirus, celebrities, such as athletes and musicians, have drastically reduced contact with fans.Due to this tailwind, the demand for CAMEO has increased, and the funding in March 2021 has collected $ 100 million with a $ 1 billion company valuation.


Due to the consumption of the nest of the new colonavirus, the demand for EC has surged worldwide.Amazon and Walmart have renewed the highest sales in this corona, but not only these major companies are on the tailwind, but also emerging EC startups, which have made large -scale funding and have made a breakthrough with unicorn companies.I did it.

Looking at the EC -related unicorn companies mentioned this time, we specialize in Niche, which is a niche but surely market, such as Back Market's smartphone regeneration, weee! Asian hiss bread ingredients, and non -standard crops for MISTFITS MARKET.The specialized business model was evaluated by investors.

India's meesho also has a social commerce that tailored to local business habits, as there are major businesses such as Amazon and FLIPKART in the field, and its uniqueness seems to be evaluated.

At the same time, although it was not standing out in the previous Trump administration, if you look at the Sustainability's perspective, if you look at the smartphone recycled Back Market Back Market and non -standard crops, the perspective of sustainability (sustainability) is the overseas investor.It seems that the evaluation is increasing in between.

The following three Findings are evaluated by the author, which I have gained from EC -related unicorn companies.

I hope this article triggers a hint of the business growth of the person who reads it.