G-SHOCK new product released in January 2022 with actual photos!


The base model is MUDMASTER "GWG-2000" from the Master of G series.It is equipped with a dustproof and mud -proof structure, and it is a model that realizes a small and lighter weight with a foother carbon bezel and a carbon coat structure.

Forged carbon is made by pressing a carbon fiber in the mold of the case, adding heat, and then producing it naturally while applying pressure.It is high quality that requires advanced technology, and is also used in Boeing 787 aircraft and racing cars.

The band is printed with a splatter pattern that expresses mud and sand splattered into the car body during a racing.After applying a black IP to the bezel and a beautiful tablet, the laser is irradiated to draw a splash pattern on the stainless steel material.


The specifications and functions of the clock are the same as the base model, such as the tough solar radio clock and the sapphire glass windshield with an internal reflection coating.The price is 110,000 yen.

Close to your arm!"G-SQUAD" packed with FC Barcelona uniform elements

FC Barcelona is a world -famous Spanish soccer club.The model "GBD-H1000BAR" and "GBD-100BAR" in collaboration with the documentary program "FC Barcelona MATCHDAY" that are closely related to the players will appear.

FC Barcelona MATCHDAY is a documentary program of all eight episodes that attracted unpublished images, such as the back of the club and the players private, closely adhered to the team's 2018 to 2019 season.You can watch it on "Rakuten TV" in Japan.

The base models are "GBD-H1000" and "GBD-100" of the G-SHOCK sports line "G-SQUAD".The case and the band are designed with dark blue and engine graphics, the team color of FC Barcelona.The band was a team slogan called "more than a club" in the words of successive uniforms and the words of the local Catalonia.The price is 68,200 yen for GBD-H1000BAR and 30,800 yen for GBD-100BAR.Both will be released on January 14, 2022.

The GBD-H1000Bar metal bezel is a gold IP inspired by the winning cup.In the play ring, the four stripes, the characteristic of the Catalonya flag, are printed with the whole body Barcelona of fans.Of course, it has a dedicated package designed with team colors.The specifications and functions as a watch are the same as the base model.

Camouflage dial GA-2100, first appearance!

The Dial Camo Utility series appears in G-SHOCK.The lineup is based on the "DW-5600CA-2JF" and "DW-5600CA-8JF" based on the "DW-5600" that inherit the meaning of the origin, and the popular "GA-2100" in the slim case & octagon bezel.GA-2100CA-8AJF "3 models.This is the first product of the GA-2100 camouflage dial.

It is a casual model that matches any scene, including outdoor, sports scene, street fashion.Camouflage dial is also a good accent.The specifications and functions as watches such as battery -driven are the same as each base model.The price is 12,100 yen for each color for "DW-5600CA" and 14,850 yen for GA-2100CA-8AJF.