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 In 2021, corona's vaccine spread, and the world seems to be calm little by little.Compared to 2020, many people may have spent the end of the year slowly.

 The emergency declaration has been lifted, and many people have played with friends and colleagues, but the end of the year is one of the ways to enjoy it every year.On the end of the year, I said, "Ame Talk!I watch it every year.

 This article was broadcast on December 30, 2021, "Ame Talk!I want to look back at the home appliance corner.Here are three recommended points and precautions for purchasing, which are introduced in the program.

スティッククリーナー『セパレート型コードレススティック掃除機 MC-NS10K』(パナソニック)

 First of all, the Panasonic "Separate Stick Cleaner MC-NS10K" introduced by Akiyuki Tsuchida.

 The biggest feature is that the dust cup was lost from the cleaner body and was installed in the charging dock.The cleaner body is provided with a filter case for temporary storage of small capacity garbage, and when it is installed in a charging dock, the garbage moves.It was introduced from the perspective of saving care.

 However, moving from a filter case to the dust cup of the charging dock is not perfect.Some garbage remains, and the instruction manual also states that fiber -like garbage, such as hair and pet hair, may not be removed.Leaving such garbage will reduce suction power and reduce batteries.Naturally, the dust cup of the charging dock is also required, so it can be said that the number of parts to be confirmed after use has increased.

 However, the filter case of the cleaner itself can be washed round, and the dust cup of the charging dock is a paper pack type, so it is necessary to confirm each time it is easy to dispose of, but it is easy to clean.

 If you are thinking about purchasing, be aware that it is not completely maintenance -free.

『アメトーーク!』家電芸人に紹介されたおすすめ製品とは? 購入する際の注意点もチェック|Real Sound|リアルサウンド テック

 In addition, because of the operation time and the capacity of the filter case, it is not suitable for cleaning a single -family house at once, so it is a recommended product for those who live in an apartment with a small number of rooms and those who clean the rooms one by one.。

Panasonic Cordless Stick Cleaner MC-NS10K-W

84,500 yen



 Automatic cooker is widely used as a new normary home appliance.Various products are sold from each manufacturer to compete for share.

 Wagyu's paddy field introduced four automatic cookers.Sharp's "Hot Cook", Panasonic's "Rice & Cooker", Zojirushi Mahobin's "Automatic Cooking Nabe Stan.], Shiroka's "Home Chef Pro".

 In this article, Zojirushi Mahobin's "STAN".Introducing the automatic cooking nabe.

 Zojirushi Mahobin's "STAN".The series is a highly designed home appliance based on black..Automatic cooking is one of them.In the program, paddy fields introduce two features not found in other automatic cookers.

 The first feature introduced is that the inner animal is made of enamel.Because it is made of enamel, it can be heated over the fire, so the dishes stored in the refrigerator can be heated as they are.

 The second feature introduced is the pack cooking function.Just put the ingredients in the freezer back and set it easily.It takes the time to freeze the ingredients and freeze them, but it can be said that it is a merit because the taste is soaked.If you make it on holidays, you can cook semi -automatically even on weekdays when you are busy with work.

 As a precaution, there is no function to mix, so we are not good at burning dishes.However, it is an impression that the price is reduced to reduce the price, so it can be said that it is a product that specializes in stewed dishes and pack cooking.In addition, I checked the stove and washing area of my kitchen for not supporting IH stoves and dishwashers, and said, "Automatic cooking Nabe Stan..It is recommended that you consider what you can do and consider purchasing.

Zojirushi STAN.EL-KA23-BA

28,600 yen