Which of the "Braba" robot vacuum cleaners that can be wiped? Check and follow 3 models [Spring 2021]

The American iRobot (eye robot), which is famous for its robot vacuum cleaner "Roomba", also sells the robot "Braava" for wiping and cleaning. This time, let's introduce the various levels of "Braba" that have completely changed the time of wiping the floor.


Braba is a robotic vacuum cleaner specially used for cleaning. Because "wipe cleaning" cleaning is convenient, so it is only effective for floors, tiles, stones and other floors, not suitable for cleaning carpets and tatami rooms. But considering the time it takes to bend over and dishcloth, you can get revolutionary comfort.


Dust, sebum dirt, floor leaks, etc. can be wiped with water after the "wet mode". For a little dirt, dust, hair, etc., two modes of cleaning can be carried out according to the "drying mode" and the dirt of the room.

Of course, the match with the rumba is also perfect. After inhaling rubbish, the rumba can be cleaned thoroughly with Brahba.

In addition, Braba offers a two-week trial course, which you'd better use if you want to make sure it is in line with your own cleaning style. In addition, there are also companies that provide Brava monthly rent service, and it is better to use it if you want to try it for a long time.

2週間お試しできる「Robot Smart Plan+」をチェック

拭き掃除ができるロボット掃除機「ブラーバ」のどれを買う? 注目3機種をチェック【2021年春版】

The price of Brava "Jet 250" is 32868 yen (including tax, the same below), the price is reasonable, but also can be carefully wiped with dirt, is a well-balanced product.

ブラーバ「ジェット 250」

The spray will cause dirt and stickiness to float, and a set pad will wipe the dirt on the floor. Like the rumba, it can sense obstacles and move, so you don't have to worry about furniture, carpets and walls getting wet.

It comes with three cleaning modes: wet mode, tumble mode and dry cleaning mode. When installing a special cleaning pad, the cleaning mode on the pad is automatically selected.

In wet mode, while vibrating the cleaning head, carefully wipe the same position 3 times to wipe off the dirt that sticks together. In self-unloading mode, wipe off daily dirt and dust by wiping the same place twice while vibrating the cleaning head. The drying mode is to wipe dust, dirt, pet hair, etc., while tangling it.


Brava 390j is a widely used model that can clean up to 20 tatami in wet mode and up to 56 tatami in dry mode. It has two cleaning modes of wiping water and drying, which can clean dust and hair when wiping, and sebum dirt and leaks when wiping water.


Equipped with iAdapt 2.0 cube navigation. Clean up while learning the shape of the room and the configuration of the furniture. Get more accurate location information through the attached "NorthStar Rubik's Cube". By purchasing additional NorthStar cubes, you can expand the cleaning range of the drying mode.

The direct selling price is 43868 yen. 2 pieces of dry cloth and 2 pieces of wet cloth, along with floor detergent.


Brava Jet M6 is a high-end model with a camera. Also support cooperation with the rumba "i7" series, automatically start Braba after rumba cleaning, from vacuum cleaner hanging to wiping cleaning can always be handed over to rumba & Braba, which is also its characteristic.

ブラーバ「ジェット m6」

With advanced navigation functions, create maps of up to 10 different floors and wipe and clean effectively in the best mode. You can also charge and re-clean automatically, or operate Wi-Fi through a smartphone app. The price is 76868 yen.