Safari, it's a smart decision to combine the address bar and toolbar into tabs on one line! #WWDC21

Apple's browser, Safari, has also undergone a major makeover. I've been using Chrome for the last few years, but the design of Safari this time wobbles my mind...!

The tabs have been redesigned and the URL bar is now included in the tab name. As a result, the header part of the browser, which used to be two lines with the tab name and URL, is now displayed in a very compact one line. In PC browsing, the difference in the top line is huge.

Tab Groups is a new feature that groups multiple tabs like bookmark folders. For example, if you save 5 news sites in a tab group named News, you can display only 5 sites in tabs from the current display state just by selecting them. In addition to vertical column display like bookmarks, it is also possible to access as a shortcut from the upper left of the browser.

Safari, tab address bar and toolbar #WWDC21

Managed tab groups also sync across devices such as Macs, iPhones, and iPads. If you attach each tab group to an email, you can share multiple sites with your friends at once.

The iPhone version of Safari has changed a lot in terms of operation and UI. The tab bar now appears out of the way at the bottom of the screen and disappears when you scroll. Swipe left and right to switch tabs, and tap the hidden tab bar to view all tabs at once. Efforts to maximize the display area are tireless.

After all, Safari for macOS, you did it to put the display in the top line. Even though you control the display area and bookmark operations by displaying and deleting the bookmark bar with Command + Shift + B. I'd rather switch to Safari, or even manage passwords and bookmarks saved in Chrome. Ah, the annoyance of moving browsers.

Source: Apple