The highest peak of laser mapping technology!This is a value model !!

In 2020, the trend of the robot vacuum cleaner is "Laser Mapping".The laser is irradiated around 360 ° around the robot vacuum cleaner, and the reflected wave is identified not only on the surrounding obstacles, but also on walls and furniture that are far away.

In addition, its accuracy is extremely high, and while driving and cleaning the room, the floor plan and furniture are grasped one after another."DEEBOT OZMO 950" is the highest model of Eco Bucks, which is equipped with such a laser mapping since 2013.

Introducing a robot vacuum cleaner that created a drawing diagram like a drawing and handles it at the same time from suction cleaning to watering.Moreover, it is much more bargain than other companies!

The feature of the eco -bag "Deebot Ozmo 950" is that it can be used as an ordinary robot vacuum cleaner that sucks garbage, but also attaches a mop plate to water it at the same time as sucking.The point is that you can clean quickly because you suck and blow at once.

In addition, as described later, the layout and furniture are accurately identified by laser mapping, so it can be cleaned in the fastest pattern vertically and horizontally on the walls.Even a sudden visitor can be cleaned in about 30 minutes in a room of about 20 tatami mats.In addition, since I do not vacuum myself (naturally!), I start cleaning from the shopping destination, prepare tea for visitors, so I leave the cleaning to the robot, so the best buddy in parallel time and housework.It will be.

However, it is safe to say, "I have a carpet, so I don't want to have it blown out!"If you remove the cleaning mop plate, even if water is in the water tank, the wisdom is to stop water supply and only suction cleaning.If you say, "I have a lot of pollen today, so it's a watering!"The amount of water is finely adjusted with a pump, and the amount of water can be set from the smartphone, so that the Japanese -style room of the tatami mats is also possible to lightly make a rag.

If you say, "I got dried yesterday, so today is OK!"Therefore, it is an essential robot vacuum cleaner for barefoot families such as floor heating families.

Of course, the rooms with carpets are cleaned neatly.The flooring, which does not require so much suction power, is cleaned if you have a quiet and optimal suction power.But when you get on the carpet or rug, you can automatically distinguish the floor material and improve the suction power!The wise is that it sucks from allergens to the sand garbage in the back of a long carpet.

Carpet boost

By the way, even if you explain in various ways, the wisdom of "Deebot Ozmo 950" is not easy to convey.So I set the garbage in the room in the room and verified how beautiful it could be.

せっかく水ぶき機能があるのに、「DEEBOT OZMO 950」を吸引専用に使うという場合は少ないので、ここでは吸引&モップモードで部屋を掃除してみた。テスト内容は、写真のように部屋のアチコチにゴミを撒いて、それを掃除するというものだ。

The pseudo -pseudo pollen, sand garbage, Okagazu, and hamster feed used.Soukuzu is dusty garbage, hamster food is easy to roll, and it assumes cat sand, pet food, and children's eating spills.In addition, the tile carpet has a 2 -cm step, and a cat's hair loss is attached to it.

In addition, we scattered seeds in various places in the room and checked whether the whole room was properly cleaned.

The result is quite excellent!Fine particles such as sand garbage and pollen, which tend to leave a general vacuum cleaner, are reliably caught by a microfiber cleaning mop.

Since it is a test of garbage in the room of the room, it is several tens of times the usual garbage.However, some places have been missing squirrels, but the function as a vacuum cleaner is equal to a model that costs 100,000 yen or more.

In addition, the wisdom as a robot exploring the room is equal to the model of 100,000 yen or more.The cleaning time is excellent because it cleans and blows the floor plan for about 20 tatami mats in about 30 minutes.

Dust -based garbage simulated with sawdust will definitely clean almost 100%.

Although it is not limited to the "DEEBOT OZMO 950", the "round and easy -to -roll garbage", which is a weak point of robot vacuum cleaners, seems to have been scattered a little in the room.Cat sand, pet food, and sweets spills will be more efficient to clean quickly before applying a robot vacuum cleaner.

Pollen, sand garbage, and seeds are perfect and shiny floor!However, only the hamster food was scattered a little

In addition, the hair of the pet is also very excellent!He sucked all the hair loss on the carpet without being involved in the brush violently (in suction -only mode, mop mode, do not get on the carpet).

The pollen that has been sucked is caught firmly with a three -layer filter, and does not scatter again from the exhaust.

What I want to mention as a feature of "Deebot Ozmo 950" is that driving is quiet.Normally, it is used in standard mode, but it can still be sucked enough.In the case of carpets and lags, plus two -step suction power can be increased.In addition, when the baby wants to clean it while sleeping, there is also a quiet mode.

Approximately 40dB in standard mode (measured about 2 meters away).A quiet library -It's a quiet office, so it doesn't feel noisy.As you can see, the pets were not afraid at all

In addition, brushless suction tastes that do not entangle long hair or pet hair are also standard attached.

レーザーマッピング技術の最高峰! これはお値打ちモデル!!

Although the performance as a vacuum cleaner is excellent, the function as a robot is also excellent.The "Deebot Ozmo 950" is assumed that it is used in cooperation with a smartphone (it can be cleaned alone).Therefore, it is easy to set up the collaboration with a smartphone and compete for the top with a robot vacuum cleaner.

There is no need to enter the serial number or model number of the robot vacuum cleaner.When you install the app and start it, you will be instructed to shoot the QR code attached to the main unit, so it is easy!Just select your home wireless LAN from the displayed access point name and enter your password.

If you have never changed your password while purchasing a wireless LAN master unit, there is a small letter on the parent unit somewhere in the parent unit, or the app on the administrator and the parent of the wireless LAN.If you access the machine, it should be easy to display.The method of using a common WPS button is to go back and forth between the Wi-Fi setting screen and the robot vacuum cleaner on the smartphone, and I think that many people feel troublesome, but this machine can be set smoothly.right.

Real -time map

If you explain all the items that can be operated and set from the smartphone, it will be longer, so let's pick it up and explain it.

The first thing that can be operated from a smartphone is a remote control function that starts cleaning or returns from the house or from the go.You can also see the state of cleaning or charging, and on the map of the room described later, you can check in real time, "Where you are cleaning and how much cleaning has been completed".Also, if you have home delivery luggage in the room, the parts that could not be cleaned will remain on the map, so it is convenient to clean them later.

In the setting system, the following items can be selected in detail.

吸引力自動強化「DEEBOT OZMO 950」がカーペットを認識すると吸引力を自動でアップ

The feature is that it can be adjusted in detail depending on individual homes and rooms, such as adjusting the suction power and the size that can be cleaned, and adjusting the amount of water in the water (how to squeeze the rag).

The 20 -tatami flooring does not flood even if it is drained with a slightly large amount of water.Dry in a few minutes

The dust box is standard size.If you clean your everyday use, you will not need to throw away trash for about 3 days.Also, if you defeat the handle, the dust box will be locked on the main unit, so even if you try to clean the robot vacuum cleaner upside down, there is no need to worry about the dust box coming off and scattering garbage (in fact, this is a good thing.There is ").However, since it has a water tank, if you turn it over with the water, it may leak water, so be careful.

The dust box is standard size.On the first day of use, it will be a bun with one cleaning, but if you use it everyday, you should throw away the trash about once every 3 days.

In this way, a function that can only be used with a robot vacuum cleaner from another manufacturer is a very cost -effective robot vacuum cleaner that can be used with a 70,000 yen "DEEBOT OZMO 950".。

The greatness of the "Deebot Ozmo 950" tends to be in the place where water can be blown at the same time as suction, but the true amazingness is the mapping power of the room layout.The slightly protruding part of the upper part of the main unit has a 360 ° spin -rotated laser, and the surrounding conditions, rooms, obstacles, etc. seen from the vacuum cleaner are instantaneously judged, and it is memorized as a map.The process is reflected in real time as a smartphone map and your own running position, so it's just a glance.

Whole room

There is a laser sensor that rotates in this part that is a little protruding, and I always know the layout, obstacles, and my position.The image of all visible range is recognized

The laser is exactly the eyes of a person, and you can see the walls and furniture that are only a few tens of centimeters to the walls that are over there.If the door is open, you can grasp the visible part of the door.When "Deebot Ozmo 950" leaves the charging stand, the floor plan is first grasped with a laser sensor.Then, (as far as I can see), if you grasp the floor plan almost 5 meters square, this time you will clean the "U" shape to fill the contents and clean it on the shortest and fastest route.

The laser cannot be recognized by the screen door, so it is better to keep the window closed if possible.The pollen and dust do not splatter, so you can clean them beautifully.

レーザーを使わないロボット掃除機は、まずWhole roomの輪郭をたどったり、天井の特徴を捉えて位置を把握する。しかしコレは目隠ししたり、天井だけを見て、手で壁を触りながら前に何歩、左に何歩、さらに何歩という具合に効率が悪い。

However, the "DEEBOT OZMO 950" is visually grasped the size and layout of the room without running on the wall by hand.In other words, even if you clean the wall, carefully proceed with the wall by hand and proceed carefully to see if there are obstacles before the walls are not obstacles in front of a general robot vacuum cleaner.The feature is that it runs smoothly because it has the information.

Once the room is cleaned, it will remember the map, so it will be more reasonable for the second and subsequent cleaning.In addition, when the charging platforms are brought to each floor and cleaned the room, they also remember multiple floors and remote maps.

Then, if you use a memory map, it is possible to specify the prohibited area in a square frame, or if the part where the carpet is laid is specified as a carpet area, it is possible to not automatically flood it.The map can be enlarged and reduced, so it can be specified in a range that is smaller than 1 meter.

You can also open a map by opening the door of all rooms on the first floor, cleaning the LDK every day, cleaning the bedroom and children's room every two days.This is a unique use of the "DEEBOT OZMO 950" where the map function is high and fulfilling.

It is also possible to clean each room, such as the kitchen and the living room.Kitchen can be cleaning every day before making lunch, and the living room can be complicated, such as cleaning from 10:30 every day.

Nowadays, there are several robot vacuum cleaners that explore the interim, but it is Eco Bucks in 2014 that the first laser exploration was commercialized.In the first place, the history of robot vacuum cleaners returned to 1998, and Eco Bucks is a long -established world in the world.In addition, it is a company that has the most skill and know -how, as well as a long -established manufacturer of laser exploration.


It is a Chinese capital company that is cheaper than a general robot vacuum cleaner for a high -performance robot vacuum cleaner.Nevertheless, Chinese home appliances have recent technical levels and manufacturing techniques in recent years, and Korean and Taiwanese home appliances, which have become unable to confront it, can almost withdraw from robot vacuum cleaners.The performance battle of a robot vacuum cleaner is no longer a manufacturer but a national battle.

However, as you have seen here, Eco Bucks's "DEEBOT OZMO 950" is on the top of the high -end machines from the top manufacturers in each country.There are some places where they are partial.We recommend that you use "DEEBOT OZMO 950" as a candidate for those who want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner for the first time, but also those who want to use a robot vacuum cleaner and want to improve one rank.In addition, the low -priced "DEEBOT OZMO 920", which has the basic performance of DEEBOT OZMO 950 and reduces the capacity of the battery, is also recommended.