The next generation of female entrepreneurs who also see the next -generation drone appearance aimed at by Rumba developers

Speaking of drones, it is a hot technology now.It is like an unmanned helicopter that flies autonomously, but shoots the state on the ground and monitor the growth of crops.Amazon is trying to deliver using a drone.He is now trying to transform from Hobbyist tools to the stage that can be used in the industry.

Among them, Helen Grainer started a fairly full -fledged drone development company Saifi Works.

ルンバ開発者が狙う、次世代ドローンの姿 オバマも一目置く女性起業家の次の一手

Compensate for flight time and wireless drawbacks

The characteristics of Cipai Works's technology are the extremely fine wires called filament.This filament is used for power transmission and communication.

Most of the current drones now have autonomous flights, but they need to return to the charging base before the battery runs out.As a result, the flight time is limited.In addition, on the communication surface, the communication is blocked if it is wireless, and the images and data that are monitored may not be sent well.Filament is a technology that compensates for its drawbacks.

Cipai Works drones are actually used for military use first.It's like a drone invades and scouts for an enemy in a suspicious building, or monitoring from the sky so that the enemy does not enter.

However, it can be used for normal purposes.This drone can fly forever, so it can be used for warehouses and school security.It is like a surveillance camera that can cover a large site in the sky.

Grainer is a famous robot developer.Before he started the company in 2008, he was known as an Irobot co -founder.Irobot is a company that develops and sells Rumba, a cleaning robot.Founded with Rodney Brooks, a famous robot researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a famous robot researcher, and Colin Angle, still an I robot CEO.