Satsuki Fujisawa praises Yurika Yoshida for the double takeout that leads to the drama "Sacchan decided"

Beijing Olympics / Curling Women's 1st League

Loco Solare is delighted to win the curling women's first league match against Denmark [Photo: Getty Images]

At the Beijing Olympics, the women's first league of curling was held on the 12th, and the Japanese national team (Loco Solare) played against Denmark. At the final end of the 2-point behind, Satsuki Fujisawa's double takeout was decided and reversed. She won her second win of the tournament 8-7. Her teammate Yurika Yoshida also praised her last super shot, saying, "I think Sacchan often decided at the end." [Image] "It's still beautiful" "I can't turn off the TV" Image taken by Miyo Ichikawa in the studio, which is a hot topic in the curling commentary At the very end, a super shot popped out. The final end with 5-7 and 2 points behind. Japan needed a "double takeout" to play two Danish stones to win at this end. Skip Fujisawa is the final pitcher. This was decided as intended, and Japan got 3 points. With a spectacular reversal, they won two consecutive victories, and the four Loco Solare were delighted in a circle. "That (last) shot is a shot here. I've been practicing with an image before the tournament started. I'm glad it was decided," Fujisawa recalled. Reed Yurika Yoshida praised, "I think Sacchan (Fujisawa) often decided at the end." Since he made a mistake, Fujisawa said, "I want to eat, rest, reflect, and change my mind so that I can correct it." With this, Japan has 2 wins and 1 loss. Tonight we will play against ROC (Russian Olympic Committee).

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