"Rumba, where did you bring it from ..." The cute appearance of dragging a laundry hanger is cute (page 1/2)

There is a voice saying "cute" in the appearance of "Rumba", a robot for cleaning, moving while carrying unexpected things.Koracha, where you picked up, return to the original place.


It was Panda who released this photo.( @ Pnd75).What was reflected in it was Rumba, a folded laundry hanger on the body and cleaning the inside of the house.It may be cute.

「ルンバ、それどこから持ってきたんや……」 得意げに洗濯用ハンガーを引きずる姿がかわいい(1/2 ページ)

The photo with a comment saying "Rumba, where I brought it from ..." in a mysterious style is popular with more than 80,000 likes.In the reply column.There were voices saying, "Cats coming to the gaps you caught" and "they look a little good."

After that, it turned out why it was like this.It seems that his father had returned to his original position, which was temporarily placed on the table because it would be Rumba.

Image provision: Panda.(@ pnd75)